Vitamin E for winter hair resilience

By Shikha Dwivedi

New Delhi, Dec 20: As the winter season unfolds, encompassing cooler temperatures across India, a prevalent yet often-overlooked concern surfaces—noticeable increased hair fall. The colder climate accentuates this issue, shining a light on a pivotal factor: the scarcity of vital nutrients, prominently Vitamin E. This nutrient deficiency emerges as a crucial aspect within the spectrum of diverse hair care practices observed across India. Recognising the indispensable role of Vitamin E in addressing this seasonal challenge becomes imperative to safeguard and bolster hair vitality during the winter months, seamlessly woven into the tapestry of traditional Indian hair care routines.

Vitamin E stands tall as a cornerstone in Indian hair care traditions, esteemed for its remarkable hair-boosting prowess. Its potent antioxidant properties serve as pillars, fortifying cells and stimulating hair growth, qualities highly cherished within India’s multifaceted hair care practices. Therefore, understanding the pivotal role of Vitamin E in addressing this seasonal challenge becomes imperative to preserve and fortify hair vitality during the winter months.

Understanding Vitamin E’s Hair-Boosting Powers:

Vitamin E emerges as a stalwart in the domain of hair care, harnessing potent antioxidant properties that not only fortify cells but also invigorate hair growth. Its pivotal role in reducing cell damage and supporting hair follicles becomes instrumental in countering oxidative stress, effectively combating the detrimental impact of free radicals that often lead to hair follicle breakdown.

Foods Rich In Vitamin E:

Your Vitamin E requirements can be met from a wide range of food products that include seeds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pine nuts, and almonds. Other sources include vegetable oils like sunflower oil, leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, and fruits like mangoes, papayas, and kiwis, which are all very rich in Vitamin E. Moreover, incorporating a diet rich in brown rice, and barley may also be good for matching your Vitamin E requirements.

Using Hair Vitamin Supplements To Address Nutritional Deficiencies:

Addressing this nutritional gap during winter necessitates, trying certified clean supplements fortified with Vitamin E. Consider, for instance, 100% natural capsules delivering 480 IU of plant-based Vitamin E. These capsules, offering 2X better absorption than their synthetic counterparts, deeply nourish the skin and fortify hair. Their unique blend encompasses Argan oil, contributing to skin radiance and acne prevention; Aloe Vera, renowned for its anti-ageing effects; and Sunflower Oil, aiding in stimulating hair growth and controlling hair fall. When consumed orally, these capsules provide sustained benefits, shielding the skin from oxidative damage and ensuring resilient hair amidst the rigors of winter. Additionally, nutrient-rich supplements free of gluten, GMO, artificial sweeteners, added sugar and ingredients replenish dietary deficiencies and support good health.

Enhancing Winter Hair Resilience Through Vitamin E Topical Application:

When applied to hair, Vitamin E will help you have a shinier and stronger mane. You can also try a vegan, clean and plant-based face wash, serum and night gel that are free of mineral oil, paraben, cruelty, sulphates, dyes, artificial fragrances and silicone and are also clinically proven to increase antioxidant activity to help you look & feel younger and protect your skin.

Improving Oxygen & Blood Circulation For Better Hair Care:

Vitamin E’s role extends beyond its prowess in preventing hair fall. Its active engagement in enhancing scalp circulation serves as an effective remedy against issues such as dandruff, inflammation, and dryness – commonly exacerbated during the winter months. As we know, styling your hair using products or blow-dryers may end up damaging your hair. The multifaceted benefits of Vitamin E further extend to improving hair texture and elasticity, which are pivotal for managing the complexities of winter hair care. Integrating this vital nutrient through dietary adjustments or clean plant-based supplements adds an extra layer of protection, further fortifying hair resilience and ensuring vibrancy and strength even amidst the adversities of the chilly season.

( Shikha Dwivedi is a dietitian and nutritionist at OZiva)