ITC Narmada introduces Muradabad’s culture through its culinary legacy with Muradabadi Food Festival

The Festival offers you the distinct & delicious delicacies of Muradabad – both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian cuisines from January 19-28 over a Dinner Buffet at ITC Narmada’s Adalaj Pavilion

ITC arranges its special Muradabadi food expert Chef Mohammad Sharif Qureshi for preparing best cuisines for you


Ahmedabad, Jan 18: The brass city of India or Pital Nagri – Muradabad – is a quaint little place nestled in the western region of Uttar Pradesh and is widely known for its unique culinary culture. Well beyond its popularly known Biryani and Dal, the Muradabadi cuisine is a beautiful culinary tale of contrasts that delightfully blends its Rajput roots and Mughal influences. Dishing out a range of nuanced flavours of Muradabadi cuisine, ITC Narmada, a luxury collection hotel in Ahmedabad, is hosting the Muradabadi Food Festival, from January 19 to 28 at  Adalaj Pavilion.

Chef Mohammad Sharif Qureshi who has been working with ITC Hotels for at least 20 years, and specialises in Muradabadi and North Indian cuisine, has carefully crafted the menu for the Muradabadi Food Festival. A selection of dishes including vegetarian and meat-based preparations will be served as part of the food festival over a dinner buffet at Adalaj Pavilion.

Muradabad was established by and even named after Murad Baksh, the youngest son of Shah Jahan over an erstwhile Rajput kingdom. The fascinating mix of Rajput roots and Mughal influences have left imprints on its culinary traditions, cooking techniques and food, making it a beautiful blend of the past and the present.

Keenan McKenzie, General Manager, ITC Narmada, said, “We have always believed in bringing forth unique aspects of Indian culture through our culinary and hospitality offerings. At ITC Narmada, we strive to bring some of the lesser known yet finest cuisines from across the length and breadth of India. The Muradabadi Food Festival is one such attempt to bring you fine culinary indulgences and the rich range of flavours from the royal kitchens of Muradabad, rooted in simplicity and tradition.”

The famed cuisine is often cooked in Pital (brass) vessels, which lend a unique flavour to the food. The use of Khada Masala (whole spices) often dominates the flavour of Muradabadi food. Legends and history have often associated the use of raw onions as well as chat masala in north Indian cuisine extensively to Muradabad.

Thanks to its historical influences from Rajput as well as Mughal communities, the Muradabadi has a beautiful blend of vegetarian and meat-based preparations which will be presented to ITC Narmada’s patrons through the food Festival.


Exploring these authentic flavours, the food festival will bring you a range of authentic flavours and culinary textures, through specialty preparations like Nihari, Korma Muradabadi Dal, Muradabadi Biryani in addition to other star preparations such as Aloo Makhaane ki Tikki, Hara Pyaaz Paneer, Chukandar ka Bhartha and succulent kebabs like Gosht Peeli Mirch tikka along with Murgh Udad Lazaz, Gosht Aloo Qaliyan, Lobia Badam pulao, Gosht Qofta Muradabadi biryani along with desserts such as Pista ki Phirni and the famed Balushahi, among others.