World Memon Organization organises WMO CONVENTION EDITION – 2024 & Mega Job Fair

Memon leaders give a call within the community members to educate their children and progress in life by serving the society at large in various walks of life


By Rafat Quadri

Ahmedabad, Jan 28: The World Memon Organization (WMO) organised ‘WMO CONVENTION EDITION – 2024 & Mega Job Fair’ on Jan 27-28 in Ahmedabad.

Globally Memons are a Muslim ethnic group originating from Indian subcontinent. Traditionally, the Memons have been a mercantile community. But, as the years have passed, they have increasingly diversified in to various other professions. Memons are known for their involvement in philanthropy. A number of mosques, orphanages, sanatoria, educational institutions, dispensaries, hospitals, musafirkhanas, societies, etc. have been built by munificent Memons at various times and in different places They are now among the most enlightened and progressive communities in the world.

Ehsan Gadawala, Hon’ble Trustee, WMO, Haseen Aghadi, President, Sharif Memon, Secretary General of WMO and Director of Deep Group of Companies informed the media that, globally the WMO has been actively involved in undertaking humanitarian activities like Housing and Rehabilitation; Transforming lives through Education, Healthcare and many chapter projects for the community.

Speaking to BILKULONLINE both Haseen Aghadi and Sharif Memon said thatWe are very happy to inform you that the Free Mega Job Fair we organized on 27th January was a great success. As many as 700 graduates and post graduates were selected by the employers who were here from different spectrum of industry including engineering, retail, management, finance, hospitality, hoteliers, pharma, medical and so on. The Fair was organized in association with Ahmedabad Memon Jamat association (Association of Muslim Professionals) in Ahmedabad. The Job Fair was inaugurated by Amit Thaker, the Vejalpore Member of Legislative Assembly.

WMO is a nonprofit organization with the ultimate aim of uplifting the underprivileged section of the Memon community by providing financial aid for education, housing, medical and other social activities. The organization is working with selfless dedication for welfare and wellbeing for the community. WMO India is the biggest parental organization representing the entire Memon Community from India and having it’s membership exposure across India.

Aghadi reiterated that “Our total focus is on two issues, one, education and two housing. Instead of takers we want our people to become givers. For that our youngsters need to take up appropriate education. We are promoting our call loud and clear and are spreading the message vociferously. We believe in the commitment and slogan of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas’ and want our younger generations to equip themselves with education and skills to progress in life and take the al  Life Membership programme was also launched”.

“Empathy and sensitivity towards the decent people of the society like a family whose deserving child needs assistance for further education or Micro financing for the young adults who want to earn a livelihood, we are there to extend the help. Saurashtra’s small towns and places we have extended such help within the community circles. We are focused on addressing Gujarat and Maharashtra community circle’s upliftment and aim at improving the educational standards and housing problems. As a business community we are taught and advised by our elders to earn through business and be self-reliant but we want to change the old idioms and advices and reframe it now by adding first educate your children then let them go for business. For, an educated businessman is far more acceptable by the society and can be beneficial for his own and nation’s interest” adds Sharif Memon.

Haseen Aghadi met the Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a member of delegation of Muslim leaders on January 11, at 7 Lok Kalyan Marg in the presence of Union Minister of WCD and Minority Affairs, Smriti Zubin Irani .  



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