MP Shocker: Man slits 8-yr-old daughter’s throat, throws in bushes assuming her dead, girl survives

Bhopal, Jan 31  In a heart-wrenching incident, a man slit the throat of his eight-year-old daughter and threw her in the bushes assuming she was dead.

Fortunately, the minor not only survived, but managed to come out on roadside from the bushes. Some passersby noticed her semi-concious and alerted the police.

This inhumane act of the man was reported in Koh-E-Fiza locality in Madhya Pradesh’s capital city Bhopal on Tuesday. The child was immediately rushed to a hospital where she was recuperating for injuries.

As per the police, the minor girl was found near Saifia College. After the incident, when the minor regained consciousness, she came out from the bushes and asked for help.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Riyaz Iqbal informed that her father Tej Singh Lodhi took her along with him asking her to go to her elder father’s house.

“The accused slit the throat of the girl in a deserted area near Saifia College and threw her in the bushes. The accused thought that the minor would die, but as soon as she regained consciousness, the girl came out from the bushes to the road.”

“The girl was bleeding and was asking for help. As soon as the police received information about the incident, they reached the spot and admitted the girl to Hamidia Hospital,” the DCP said.

He further added that a case has been registered in the matter and the accused has been arrested.

Accused Tej Singh Lodhi works at a tent house shop and lives in the Teela Jamalpura area in the city in a rented house. He is originally a resident of Sagar. The minor is Lodhi’s daughter from his first wife who passed away. Lodhi lives here with his second wife with whom he has a boy.