‘INCIPIENT-2024’ Exhibition marks the completion of a successful decade of SAL School of Architecture

 Chief Guest Prof. Abhay Purohit, President of the Council of Architecture-New Delhi inaugurates the Exhibition

100 architecture students of SAL present the architectural marvels they evolved at the three day exhibition on Feb 1-3

 Notable Architects Surinder Bagga from Chandigarh and Christopher Charles Benninger from Pune to preside over next two days sessions


Ahmedabad, Feb 1: SAL School of Architecture, nestled in the SAL Education Campus Sola, Ahmedabad, marked a momentous occasion from February 1st to 3rd, 2024, with an extraordinary three-day celebration to commemorate tenth anniversary of the school’s inception since 2014.

More than a hundred architects and students registered and attended the event. This event is organised under the guidance of Dr. Rajendra Shah, the CMD at SAL Education, Rupesh Vasani, Campus Director at SAL and Prof. (Dr.) Ramanjyot Shrivastava, Principal, SAL School of Architecture. On the very first day of this INCIPIENT-2024 President of the Council of Architecture-New Delhi Prof. Abhay Purohit from Nagpur was present.

 Architect Surinder Bagga from Chandigarh. A series of such exhibitions are held every year under the title of INCIPIENT that bring together students, faculty, experts, and practicing architects.

A highlight of the three-day extravaganza was a series of dynamic and interactive seminars and workshops. These hands-on sessions allowed participants to delve into the ‘thinking by doing’ philosophy that defines our institution.

Dr Rajendra Shah, the CMD at SAL Education expressed his views saying “It brings me immense joy to witness the impact that SAL School of Architecture has had on the architectural education landscape in Ahmedabad”. Dr Rupesh Vasani, Campus Director at SAL said “This milestone is an occasion of celebration as well as a testament to the thriving educational ecosystem at SAL Education Campus”.

Prof. (Dr.) Ramanjyot Shrivastava, Principal of SAL School of Architecture described the day to be the most exciting day for the School as it marks the decade of its existence. On this occasion Dr. Ramanjyot said that “Sal school of architecture is growing day by day and year by year and making its presence felt all over India. It goes without saying that the importance and significance of architecture is immense and it goes hand in hand with the progress of the country and its infrastructure.

From exploring innovative design techniques to addressing real-world architectural challenges, the three-day event showcases a mix practical and theory aligned approaches to education sets SAL School of Architecture in the forefront category of being one of the best architecture schools in Ahmedabad”.

President of the Council of Architecture-New Delhi Prof. Abhay Purohit from Nagpur, who was the chief guest for the event, hosted thought-provoking panel discussions and talks faculties from various colleges and luminaries from the practicing architecture and design realms.

These sessions explored diverse perspectives on contemporary issues in architecture, fostering a stimulating environment for dialogue and intellectual exchange. The discussions provided a glimpse into the holistic education that students receive at SAL School of Architecture, preparing them not just as architects but as critical thinkers and global citizens.

The event kicked off with the unveiling of a breath-taking exhibition showcasing the outstanding works of our students. The entire campus transformed into a gallery of creativity, featuring an array of meticulously crafted architectural sheets, intricate models, insightful case studies, and captivating travel reports. Visitors were invited to witness first-hand the incredible talent that has thrived within the SAL School of Architecture over the past ten years.

Aspiring architects and professionals were treated to a series of expert lectures by notable architects like Christopher Charles Benninger from Pune; Architect Neelam Manjunath (also known as Bamboo Ambassador of India) from Bengaluru and Architect Surinder Bagga from Chandigarh.

 The lecture series provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of architecture, offering a glimpse into the future trends and challenges that current students are equipped to face. 

Cultural events, infused with the vibrant spirit of Ahmedabad, added a celebratory touch to the proceedings. Dance performances, art installations, and musical showcases reflected the diverse talents that flourish within the student community.

“By dint of building well, you get to be a good architect” said the great Greek philosopher Aristotle which is believed and imbibed by the SAL school of Architecture.