Man takes ChatGPT help to find wife from over 5K matches on Tinder

New Delhi, Feb 7: A Russian man has revealed that he used OpenAI’s AI chatbot ChatGPT to help him find his life partner after eliminating over 5,000 matches on the dating site Tinder.

The man Alexander Zhadan shared a post on X where he claimed that he used ChatGPT to run a Tinder bot that matched him with 5,239 girls on the app.

“I proposed to a girl with whom ChatGPT had been communicating for me for a year. To do this, the neural network re-communicated with other 5,239 girls, whom it eliminated as unnecessary and left only one. I’ll share how I made such a system, what problems there were and what happened with the other girls,” Zhadan wrote.

He further added that he chose this route to find a partner because “finding a loved one is very difficult. I want to have time to work, do hobbies, study, and communicate with people. I could go this route myself without ChatGPT, it’s just much longer and more expensive”.

In a thread, Zhadan mentioned that ChatGPT sometimes made him have six dates a day. He also stated that he had multiple versions of the ChatGPT bot.

He further mentioned that after finding his now fiancee, Karina, he took a break from it.

The 23-year-old stated that the AI bot deleted undesirable matches, “made small talk on his behalf”, planned dates, and even helped him propose.

He added that he also put certain filters that would display those women with whom he could continue speaking live.