Astro Zindagi (Weekly Horoscope)

SUDNAY Special

By Neeraj Dhankher

New Delhi, Feb 11: Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for February 12-18.


This week, there is a feeling of excitement and opportunity in your career sector. The stars will make you inclined towards interests that allow you to enlarge your horizons and visit new lands. It might include pursuing professional development opportunities, learning, or even considering foreign careers. If you are in a relationship, plan a romantic impromptu trip with your partner or discover new interests together. Be bold enough to escape from your comfort zone and bring a little bit of unpredictability to your love life.You might discover that bonding or travelling together strengthens your family ties.

Tip of the week: Plan to travel


This week, you can expect a cosmic boost for your career. You might be attracted to grand projects that require both creativity and pragmatism. Trust your intuition when it comes to professional issues, as it will be highnow. Collaborations and partnerships might be beneficial, particularly if they have common financial objectives or investments. This is the time to delve into your relationship’s depths and cement your bond with honesty and openness. Singles are likely to fall under the spell of someone who challenges them intellectually and emotionally. It is an auspicious time to bridge differences and fortify family ties.

Tip of the week: Trust your intuition


This week, the stars give you the skills to work harmoniously with your colleagues and partners. Your charisma and negotiating skills are high, so this is an excellent time to sell ideas, negotiate deals, or look for partners. Teamwork and cooperation will help you achieve success. In the realm of love, this week is a utopia of love and agreement. This is a perfect time to arrange romantic dates, reveal one’s feelings, or spend time together. If you’re single, remain open-minded and open-hearted, you may meet the one you least expect. If you are studying, think about creating study groups, attending workshops, or getting mentoring from peers.

Tip of the week: Reveal your feelings


This week, you will find that how you relate to others, including your colleagues and superiors, becomes pleasant and even cooperative. This is an excellent opportunity to join hands-on projects, exchange views and create meaningful professional bonds. Your inventiveness and accuracy will attract the attention of others who might reward or recognise you. If you are in a serious relationship, use this period to deepen the connection through service and reciprocity. Singles can find love unexpectedly in the work environment or even while doing daily chores. Be open to the possibilities that might come in handy.

Tip of the week: Create professional bonds


This week, your imaginativeness will be evident,and your unorthodox ideas will grab the attention of the top management. You should not hesitate to present your vision and proposals; they will most likely be welcomed. Let your passion lead you to new opportunities. Be careful to balance work and fun to keep your productive levels high. In your personal life, this week is all about love. Satisfy this need by being in a relationship; you will inevitably notice sparks flying as you connect more and more with your partner. If single, make room for romance and allow love to blossom. Keep communication pathways open.

Tip of the week: Be imaginative and unorthodox


This week, your career is enhanced with harmony and creativity. You may be attracted to projects which let you share your abilities and interests meaningfully. Working with colleagues or clients might benefit you now since your diplomatic skills are enhanced. If you’re in a relationship, make time to be with your partner and work on building a deeper connection with them. Consider what you can do to make your home and relationship a place of harmony and love. The single Virgos are likely to be brought near to someone with warmth, sensitivity, and family values.

Tip of the week: Share meaningful ideas


This week, you’ll be naturally charismatic and alluring in your professional circle. In addition, your communication abilities will improve, allowing you to better articulate your ideas with your fellow workers. Use this to your benefit during meetings, negotiations, or presentations. Pay close attention to opportunities to demonstrate your creative and innovative thinking, as they might come to the notice of the right people. At a personal level, this is the time to reach out to brothers, sisters, or other relatives who may have been a little distant recently. A family party or outing that encourages people to engage freely should be planned.

Tip of the week: Support loved ones


Your financial intelligence is amplified this week, and you might stumble upon chances to increase your earnings or improve your financial situation. Do not rely on your instincts blindly when it comes to career decisions; consider the practical considerations before you make any significant steps.It is a season for fostering your relationship with your partner, concentrating on the underlying emotional ties that keep love alive throughout the years. You may show affection by being generous or making your home environment comfortable. Single Scorpios may be attracted to people who emanate confidence and stability.

Tip of the week: Take practical decisions


Your career is imbued with a trace of grace and tact. This week, your charisma will be your major weapon in the workplace, enabling you to reel in colleagues and superiors effortlessly. You will most likely be rewarded with new job opportunities. Home ties will be fortified by a divine blessing this week. It is a chance to find peace and happiness in the company of your people, developing closer bonds and creating priceless moments. This is an opportunity to put any remaining conflicts or miscommunications to rest.If committed, set up a special date night for your loved one and surprise them with sweet gestures.

Tip of the week: Cherish the peace and positivity


This week, you may be attracted to your workplace’s hidden aspects or projects that demand seclusion and contemplation. As far as career decisions are concerned, trust your instincts. Realising the hidden opportunities or receiving support from unexpected sources will help you move on your professional path. You may be drawn to mysterious or esoteric knowledge and artistic pursuits. Embrace the opportunity to study yourself and consider the inner self. At home, the old wounds or unresolved issues within your family may arise again, forcing you to deal with them with empathy and forgiveness.

Tip of the week: Stop and introspect


This week brings chances for joint actions and team projects in your career. Seek opportunities to interact with your professional circle, attend networking events, or participate in group projects related to your goals. You might discover that the people you know are the means to new career opportunities or provide you with information to bring your career to the next level.If you are single, go out with friends or join group activities that can help you find a partner. Harmony and unity will become evident during family celebrations; a social event at home will enable you to nurture family relations.

Tip of the week: Expand your social circle


This week, you will be at your best in the workplace because of your charm, creativity and diplomacy. You will notice that your ideas and leadership skills attract your coworkers and bosses. Your talents should not be hidden; you should take initiative and lead important projects. For people with a committed relationship, you and your partner are likely to focus more on personal goals and ambitions. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss your future goals together and cheer for each other’s career ambitions. At home, try to communicate honestly with relatives and find ways to be involved in their wins.

Tip of the week: Take initiatives

(Neeraj Dhankher is an Astrologer with proficiency in Vedic, KP and Nadi Astrology. He is the Founder and CEO of Astro Zindagi. The observations are made by the writer based on his analysis)