‘Kal Ke Krorepati’ a show to facilitate Start-ups, raises Rs 15 crore – to be aired soon

Cine celeb & Entrepreneur Suniel Shetty launches it at Ahmedabad amidst investors and other stake holders


By Rafat Quadri

Ahmedabad, Feb 20: Kal Ke Krorepati (KKK), a pioneering initiative dedicated to spotlighting the burgeoning startup ecosystem of India, while providing a pivotal platform for start-ups, was inaugurated by renowned actor and entrepreneur Suniel Shetty in Ahmedabad on Tuesday.

This marks the beginning of the first chapter – the Gujarat Chapter and the same will be replicated across other states of India.

Kal Ke Krorepati stands as a unique amalgamation of start-ups, VC funds and investors, transcending mere fundraising endeavours to embrace a comprehensive approach aimed at fostering substantial economic growth. The inception of the first chapter marks the advent of a new chapter for start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly within the vibrant landscape of Gujarat.

  • The initiative invited 500 start-ups from across Gujarat to submit their business proposals and concepts, culminating in the meticulous selection of 27 promising ventures spanning various industries and offering innovative solutions.

Each chosen start-up was afforded the opportunity to showcase the uniqueness and growth potential of their ventures through a succinct 3-minute live pitch before a panel of nine venture capital funds and investors. Notably, right in its first season, Kal Ke Krorepati has already received about 15 crores of EOI from the investors on the show which is currently being facilitated for select start-ups, underscoring the attractiveness of Gujarat’s innovative endeavors to prominent investment entities.

Milapsinh Jadeja, Founder, Entrepreneur, Venture Builder as well as a seasoned entrepreneur and angel investor, expressed confidence in the concept. He said, “Kal Ke Krorepati’s potential to invigorate Gujarat’s start-up ecosystem and the broader Indian entrepreneurial landscape is remarkable. I am very optimistic in the initiative’s role as a distinctive platform uniting start-ups, investors, and stakeholders to foster networking, dialogue, and fundraising opportunities.”

The curtain-raising event of Kal Ke Krorepati witnessed the esteemed presence of Bollywood luminary, entrepreneur, and investor Suniel Shetty, who underscored the significance of nurturing fresh ideas and fostering a collaborative community conducive to economic advancement.

“Kal Ke Krorepati represents a commendable endeavour to cultivate a thriving ecosystem of start-ups and investors, thereby contributing meaningfully to economic development. I am optimistic that many of these nascent start-ups and business ventures will chart a path to remarkable success in the years ahead, generating livelihood opportunities,” remarked Shetty.     

The Kal Ke Krorepati initiative is poised to make a substantial contribution to economic progress by facilitating investments and unlocking novel opportunities across diverse sectors including technology, education, travel, healthcare, and hospitality.  

“We have embarked on an auspicious journey, and we are confident that Kal Ke Krorepati will emerge as an unparalleled platform showcasing the triumphs of start-ups in Gujarat and India,” affirmed Jignesh Patel, Founder of Iroller Media and Entertainment along with Alka Gor, Associate Producer of the show.

Raj Mehta, CA Nishchay Mehta and Prince Jain, Founders of  Tankhwapatra  were also present among other start-up entrepreneurs at the event. Speaking to BILKULONLINE   CA Nishchay said “We were very much pleased to be at the KKK, we are Tankhwapatra – a one stop 360degree digital solution for SME companies. It’s an App & web-based solutions for managing their employees through, digital attendance, payroll, expense-reimbursement, real-time GPS location tracking, Pre-boarding & on-boarding solutions. I am thrilled and excited to move forward as an entrepreneur with the help of KKK in terms of  the reach and assistance at this crucial stage of my career as an entrepreneur”.

(Rafat Quadri can be reached at editorbilkul@gmail.com)