MIT-ADT University Broadens Legal Education, Paving the Way for Rich Career Prospects

12th pass students of any stream are eligible to register for LLB course of MIT

Registration of students for the admission procedure started on Jan 10 and would end of April 25

PERACET Entrance Exam for MIT is scheduled on 3rd May, results on  May 15th to be followed by panel interview


Ahmedabad, Feb 29: In response to the rising need for legal expertise across various sectors, MIT Art Design and Technology (ADT) University in Pune has enhanced its legal education offerings. Known for its engineering programs, the university is now focusing on law, offering students a wide array of career opportunities.

During a press conference hosted by MIT-ADT University at Ahmedabad on Thursday, Prof. Dr. Sapna Deo, the founder Dean of the School of Law highlighted the crucial role of lawyers in navigating legal complexities in both corporate and individual settings. Dr. Deo urged students to consider legal education, citing the numerous challenges in modern society that require legal expertise.

The university has introduced a range of law courses to cater to different interests and career goals, including the five-year BBA-LLB, three-year LLB, two-year LLM, and one-year Diploma in Legal Journalism programs. Dr. Deo emphasized the university’s commitment to providing not just traditional academic education but also skill-based training aligned with emerging job opportunities.

With its expansive 125-acre campus and state-of-the-art facilities, MIT-ADT University offers a conducive learning environment for aspiring legal professionals. Dr. Deo highlighted that while MIT has been synonymous with engineering education, it now encompasses a diverse range of disciplines, including law.

As MIT-ADT University continues to establish itself in legal education, it stands as an opportunity for aspiring legal professionals, offering a future filled with possibilities and avenues for meaningful contributions to society.

  • For students seeking guidance and preparation for law courses and entrance exams, MIT-ADT University provides comprehensive support through its School of Law. For more information, interested individuals can contact the university at 7391095193 or email at

Dr. Sapna Deo, Dean of the MIT-ADT School of Law, emphasized the vast opportunities a legal education offers, allowing students to specialize in areas such as criminal law, corporate law, intellectual property law, environmental law, and human rights law. She highlighted the diverse career options available in the legal profession, including litigation, advocacy, corporate law, academia, and public service.

Furthermore, Dr. Deo stressed that pursuing law is not just about career prospects but also about making a positive impact on society. She noted that legal professionals have the power to influence public policy, defend the rights of marginalized communities, and uphold the rule of law. Dr. Deo emphasized the crucial role that legal professionals play in society and how the skills and knowledge acquired during legal education can help them make a significant difference in the world.