The first-ever web platform-based robot OS arrives this week

Seoul, March 6: South Korean tech giant Naver has announced the unveiling of the world’s first web platform-based robot operating system (OS). The company will showcase the “ARC mind powered by Whale OS” at the ‘LEAP 2024’ event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, alongside global tech giants like Google, Apple, Meta Platforms, and AWS.

The ARC mind aims to assist robotics developers worldwide in creating various robot services. It supports the connection of existing applications with robot services and includes a web application programming interface for robot control, cognition, and movement. Naver plans to first deploy the ARC mind on its robots, highlighting its speed and lightweight compared to traditional robot OSs, before establishing an open ecosystem.

Additionally, Naver will introduce a next-generation robot platform developed in collaboration with Samsung Electronics. This platform integrates Naver’s OS and software solutions with Samsung’s semiconductor solutions, such as system-on-chip and image sensors, to create a robotics edge computing platform.