Experience the vibrant spectrum of theatre

New Delhi, March 5 : A festival bursting at the seams with their absolute best plays, sprinkled with masterclasses tailor-made for aspiring artists, and topped off with fringe and platform performances that will leave you wanting more! Get ready to dive into the vibrant world of Aarambh Mumbai as they enter their fabulous 15th year. This extravaganza is called Rang-Manch ka Rang-Punch and it’s all happening from the 12th to the 17th of March at none other than the iconic Prithvi Theatre.

Leading the charge in this Hindi original writing revolution is none other than the powerhouse duo, Purva Naresh and Asmit Pathare.

Purva, the maestro behind some of Aarambh’s most captivating tales, beams with pride as she declares, “Our mission is simple yet profound: to bring stories not just from the bustling metropolises but also from the very heart and soul of India. We want our audiences to see a reflection of our country, its people, and its myriad experiences on stage. Our characters? Oh, they’re as real as it gets – relatable, believable, and utterly lovable. With Aarambh, we’re not just staging a production; we’re crafting an immersive journey through the essence of our homeland. Our stories are woke, contextual, and relevant with a vibrant streak. We have a knack for presenting plays that delve into uncomfortable topics with a comforting approach, making difficult subjects more approachable.”

And why wait until the grand 15-year milestone to celebrate? As Purva Naresh boldly puts it, “Why not now? We wanted to dive into celebration mode before hitting the big 15. Our journey has been full of challenges, achievements, and excitement, and we’re seizing the moment to revel in it. We have managed to gradually steer our audience towards embracing Hindi theatre with fresh, original stories rather than just settling for adaptations.”

But wait, there’s more! Prepare to be schooled in the art of theatre by the industry’s finest, as Aarambh unveils a lineup of masterclasses that will set your creative soul on fire. From the lyrical genius of Niranjan Iyengar and Irshad Kamil in songwriting, to the comedic brilliance of Sanjay Rajoura in stand-up, to Yashaswi Mishra, the mastermind behind the writing and engaging screenplay and Kathak virtuoso Guru Rani Khanum.

For the little ones, there’s a storytelling workshop by the delightful Lovleen Mishra and a poetry masterclass by Naresh Saxena.