I accept my mistake but it is unfair to involve PM Modi in this: Union Minister Rupala


Rajkot, April 27: Union Minister Parshottam Rupala addressed the Kshatriya community’s concerns during a recent BJP event in Jasdan, Rajkot and urged them not to direct their ire against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Union Minister Rupala admitted that he had made an error and stressed upon the community’s significant contributions to both the nation and the BJP.

Union Minister Rupala had incurred the wrath of the Kshatriya community by making unsavoury remarks against the Maharajas.

“I apologised for my mistake and did so in front of the community,” Rupala explained.

“It’s unfair to involve PM Modi in this. He is a leader not just for our country but globally. For 18 hours a day, PM Modi just thinks and works for the country. He considers 140 crore people his family. I accept my mistake but I don’t consider it proper if the Kshatriya community goes against the Prime Minister. This is not for politics, victory, or loss in elections but for our nation,” the Union minister appealed.

His plea came in the wake of renewed protests from the Kshatriya community, expressing intentions to impact the BJP’s performance in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

The Union minister called for a non-political approach to resolving the issue. “This isn’t about election outcomes; it’s about our society’s cohesion,” Rupala stated, urging Kshatriya leaders to work towards building bridges of understanding rather than politicising the grievance.

On April 25, Kshatriya community leaders from South Gujarat declared their continued support for the BJP amid protests against Rupala. This announcement came after a meeting with Gujarat BJP chief, CR Patil in Surat.

Meanwhile, PM Modi is set to intensify the BJP’s campaign efforts in Gujarat by addressing six election rallies on May 1 and 2 in Deesa, Himmatnagar, Anand, Wadhwan, Junagarh and Jamnagar.

According to BJP sources, the PM will start his campaign in Himmatnagar and Deesa on May 1, followed by Anand, Wadhwan, Jamnagar, and Junagarh the next day. He is also scheduled to arrive in the state capital on May 1 for an overnight stay.