Landmark ‘Pattabhishekam’ Event in Ahmedabad Marks Revolutionary Step Towards Equality in Indian Society

Samta Moolak Samaj Ki Sthapana is a transformative project dedicated to fostering equality and social justice within Indian society: Swami Purushottam Shastri Ji


Ahmedabad, April 29: In a landmark initiative towards equality and social justice in Indian society, the Samta Moolak Samaj Ki Sthapana project is set to revolutionize age-old traditions, paving the way for a more inclusive and empowered future.

Notable dignitaries are expected to grace the occasion including Sonal Shah, wife of Amit Shah, the Home Minister of India, Kamal Kumar Ojha, Former Director General of Police, Gujarat, Jai Shah, Secretary of BCCI, Amar Sable, Ex Member of Parliament and BJP Vice President, Rakesh Sinha RSS Vicahrak and ex Member of Parliament Rajya Sabha,  Gaurav Kulkarni, Chairman of Vishwa Brahman Parishad. Led by a coalition of visionary leaders including Rajesh Shukla, Chief Strategist of National Intellectual Advisory, along with esteemed spiritual figures such as Ravindra Puri Ji Maharaj, Hari Giri Ji Maharaj, and Swami Purushottam Shastri Ji of the Swami Narayan Trust, Gujarat, A K Mishra, Chairman of Chanakya IAS Academy in collaboration with organizations like Jago Nari and Padhega Bharat, this initiative aims to dismantle caste-based barriers and promote equality by developing temples as education centers like ancient Nalanda, Takshashila, Kashi, and Haridwar which were famous for their temples and education.

Scheduled for April 30th, 2024, at the prestigious Science City in Sola, Ahmedabad, the program will witness the historic appointment of SC and ST Sant/Mahatmas as Mahamandaleshwars, with Pattabhishek performed by revered spiritual leaders Mahant Ravindrapuri Ji Maharaj Chairman All India Akhada Parishad and Mahant Harigiri Ji Maharaj General Secretary All India Akhada Parishad and Juna Akhada International Guardian.

Over 8000 Sanatan supporters and progressive individuals from across India are expected to attend this momentous occasion.

The project’s significance lies in its endeavor to uphold the principles of equality and justice, echoing the vision of social reformers like Bhim Rao Ambedkar Sahab. By challenging an 800-year-old tradition, this initiative heralds a new era of inclusivity and empowerment, endorsed by the All India Akhada Parishad under the leadership of Mahant Ravindrapuri Maharaj Ji.

Rajesh Shukla, Chief Strategist of National Intellectual Advisory explained the essence of the programme before the media “In our journey towards equality, we embrace transformation, challenging tradition and igniting the soul of our society. Through inclusivity, we pave the way for a unified and prosperous future for all. This ethos embodies the essence of the Samta Moolak Samaj Ki Sthapana project, committed to breaking down age-old barriers and making a society that is inclusive and empowered. Empowering SC/ST Communities: Through its motto of “Seedhi Baat No Bakwaas,” the project aims to empower SC/ST communities by integrating them into the mainstream society of Sanatan Dharma”.

By eradicating discrimination and fostering acceptance, it aspires to strengthen the fabric of both Sanatan Dharma and Bharat Varsha, ending centuries of exploitation and division. Future Endeavors: Following the Ahmedabad event, the project plans to expand its reach to other states including Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. By engaging with marginalized communities and reintegrating them into the Hindu fold, the initiative seeks to harness their potential for the nation’s progress. Constitutional Mandate: Grounded in the principles of the Indian Constitution, the project aligns with the vision of a Republic where every individual is entitled to dignity and equality. By dismantling caste-based disparities, it strives to realize the constitutional promise of a truly egalitarian society.

A Message of Unity: Recognizing the historical contributions of SC/ST communities, the project honors figures like Maharshi Valmiki, Mata Shabari, Vedvyas, and Mahirishi Vidur, echoing the sentiments expressed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah in referring to them as “Vanvaasi Bandhoo.”

Samta Moolak Samaj Ki Sthapana is a transformative project dedicated to fostering equality and social justice within Indian society. Led by a coalition of visionary leaders and spiritual figures, the project is aimed to dismantle caste-based barriers and promote inclusivity within the Sanatan Dharma, aligning with the constitutional mandate of a Republic where every individual is treated with dignity and equality” Say Rajesh Shukla and Amar Sableji who found this a great historic moment and it is going to help India as a Vishwa Guru.

When the media asked the organisers as to why the election period was chosen for a crucial idea like this, they said it was a sheer coincidence and that they were working on it for last six months.