Breakthrough for Equality: SC/ST Leaders elevated to Mahamandaleshwars in historic event


Ahmedabad, May 1: In a historic event aimed at promoting equality in Indian society, the Chief Strategist of National Intellectual Advisory and Main Trustee of One More Chance (NGO), Rajesh Shukla, along with Swami Purshottam Shastri Ji Maharaj, Head of the Swami Narayan Trust, led a transformative initiative. The event, held in Ahmedabad, India, witnessed the appointment of SC and ST Sant/Mahatmas as Mahamandaleshwars, marking a significant departure from a 1300-year-old tradition.

The program, blessed by Mahant Ravindra Puri Maharaj, Chairman of Akhada Pramukh, and Mahant Hari Giri Maharaj, General Secretary of All India Akhada Parishad, was attended by dignitaries like  Sonal Shah,  Kamal Kumar Ojha,  Amar Sable Ji, Himanshu Chaturvedi, and  A.K. Mishra Ji, among others, along with approximately 10,000 delegates from Gujarat. The initiative aims to foster equality and social justice, dismantle caste-based barriers, and promote inclusivity within Sanatan Dharma, aligning with India’s constitutional values of dignity and equality for all individuals.

Rajesh Shukla and Swami Purshotam Shastri announced plans to launch the LBS Academy in collaboration with the Chanakya IAS Academy and Narayan Shastri Institute, aiming to train aspiring candidates from poor socio-economic backgrounds for government jobs. They also mentioned One More Chance, an organization providing skill training to those who have faced challenges. The event was hailed as a historic moment, with attendees expressing gratitude for the transformative efforts of Rajesh Shukla and the support of spiritual leaders like Mahant Ravindra Shastri Maharaj ji and Shri Purushottam Swami ji.