Reliance Retail’s Tira Beauty Introduces New Private Label Brand: ‘Nails Our Way’


Mumbai, May 2: Reliance Retail’s Tira Beauty has unveiled its latest private label brand, ‘Nails Our Way’, signaling a significant expansion in its beauty product range. This new line offers a wide range of premium nail color and care products, allowing consumers to express their unique style and embrace their creativity.

Product Line Overview

‘Nails Our Way’ presents an innovative approach to nail care, featuring the Gel Well, Swift Dry, Breathe Away, and Treat Coat nail enamel collections. These collections offer a diverse palette of colors, ensuring a perfect match for every mood and occasion. In addition to vibrant enamels, the line includes essential nail care products such as the No Bump Base, Cuti Care, and Toughen Up solutions, which nourish, strengthen, and protect nails.

The range also introduces gentle yet effective nail enamel removers like the innovative 2 Toned Vanisher and the acetone-free Squeaky Clean. For those seeking a complete manicure solution, convenient kits like French ‘Em Up and Nailed It are available, providing all the tools necessary for a professional-quality finish at home.

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Step into the world of Nails Our Way and let your true self shine with every color and finish you choose.