Global Launch of Hum Chale Pathshala 3.0: Reviving Traditional Education across 24 Countries

Hum Chale Pathshala 3.0 Launched Globally to Provide Pathshala Education Across Age Groups


Ahmedabad, May 10: In a monumental initiative aimed at promoting traditional Pathshala education, Hum Chale Pathshala 3.0 has been launched worldwide. This initiative, which saw participation from 24 countries, involved over 2,500 Pathshalas from 19 states.

A staggering 94,852 students, ranging from 6 years old to no upper age limit, registered for the program. Together, they completed an impressive 86,42,531 gathas and recorded an attendance of 1,13,96,184.

Hum Chale Pathshala 3.0 builds on the success of earlier schemes. Initially limited to local sanghs in Goregaon, the program expanded to encompass suburbs of Mumbai from Andheri to Dahisar, involving 2,203 students. The overwhelming success of this expansion spurred the launch of the Sau chalo Pathshala jaiye scheme in 2019, which included Pathshalas from Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Junagadh, and Surat. This scheme engaged 900+ Pathshalas and 34,227 students, resulting in 30,50,984 gathas and 36,11,495 attendance.

The main objective of the Samkit Group behind these schemes was to revive interest in Pathshala education among children, thereby securing the future of Jin shashan. These initiatives have been highly successful, with Pathshalas that were on the brink of closure experiencing a surge in attendance and even running multiple shifts to accommodate all students.


Following the success in India, the program expanded globally, with 2,500+ Pathshalas from 24 countries participating. The enthusiasm for Pathshala education was evident, with 94,852 students from diverse age groups actively participating in the program. The completion of 86,42,531 gathas and the impressive attendance of 1,13,96,184 underscore the success and importance of the initiative in reconnecting students with their cultural roots and community.