Ambuja Health Centers Provide Vital Care to Remote Villages near Bhatapara Plant


Ahmedabad, May 13: Ambuja Cements, a key entity in the diverse Adani Portfolio, is dedicated to improving healthcare access for communities, no matter how remote. Through its CSR arm, Ambuja Health and Wellness Centres have been established in Devrani and Karmandih, core villages near the Bhatapara plant in Chhattisgarh. These centres provide professional healthcare services, medication, and health education to residents who previously faced challenges accessing medical care due to their remote locations.

Residents of Devrani, Maldi, Mopar, and Karmandih villages lacked access to medical consultation, diagnosis, and treatment due to their remote location. The establishment of these two health centres has eliminated transportation issues and provided year-round access to medication and medical screening tests. Villagers now have a visiting doctor and paramedical officer once a week, as well as access to reasonably priced medication.

The community clinics also conduct regular workshops and educational programs to raise healthcare awareness. Each centre has a community health volunteer (sakhi) available for consultation, advice, and referrals.

These centres operate through a collaborative model. The gram panchayats provide space, Ambuja’s CSR arm equips it with necessary equipment, and local committees oversee operations, including promoting the centre, collecting contributions, facilitating medicine procurement, and organizing health camps.

The Ambuja Health and Wellness Centres aim to improve the overall well-being of these communities by addressing healthcare disparities and promoting healthier lifestyles.