Starstruck Grand Finale: A Celebration of Confidence and Self-Love

‘Starstruck’ Grand Finale: June 9 at Rajpath Club Diamond Hall in Ahmedabad


By Rafat Quadri

Ahmedabad, June 7: Ahmedabad, known for its growth and opportunity, will host the first-ever “Starstruck” competition, introduced by Vinny Ritu Aggarwal, the youngest business coach and behavioral expert. This event aims to help individuals overcome reservations and foster a community of unbiased self-love. After training numerous individuals and companies, Vinny recognized the need for a platform where brands can grow and people can develop confidence. The initiative addresses societal issues like depression, stress, and anger stemming from feelings of inadequacy.

Starting her career at 17, Vinny has become a renowned coach in her community. Starstruck is an exclusive personality competition focusing on confidence and familiarity, regardless of appearance, height, gender, profession, or beauty. Auditions held on May 10 and 11 received over 1,000 applications. From these, 300 semi-finalists were shortlisted, and the top 16 finalists advanced to the finale.

The competition is supported by Ainakwala, Nature O Care, Gym Lounge, Optimize IV, Kashk Clothing by Ritu Aggarwal, and My Salon. Additional sponsors include Handpicked Secret, SMS, Mac Studio, Navediym Catering, Kaushik Outdoors, Falcon Fighter Force, My FM, and Patchouli Wellness.

Finalists underwent extensive self-exploration training in communication skills, sales and marketing, emotional intelligence, and body language, guided by Vinny Ritu Aggarwal, director of Anantakarya Solutions. They also benefited from expert workshops delivered by Mrigesh (Founder of Optimize IV), Rachna Tatad (Founder of Ainakwala), Mayank Joshi (Founder of Sun Pathology), and Tathya Mekwan (Founder of Mac Studio). Pachouli Wellness provided skin treatments to the finalists before the finale.

The grand finale will take place at 6 pm on June 9 at Rajpath Club Diamond Hall. The red carpet event will feature two walk rounds and a question-and-answer session, culminating in the announcement of the crown winner. The presence of VIPs, dignitaries, and esteemed sponsors will add to the event’s grandeur.

Crown winners (one male one female) would be the face of Ainakwala Store for a period of  six months besides several other prizes and trophies. Finalists will receive a free one-year membership from Gym Lounge India. The crown winner will be awarded gifts from Optimize IV and Patchouli Wellness, business training scholarships from Anantakarya Solutions and Nature O Care, and the opportunity to be the face of Starstruck Edition 2, Ainakwala, and Kashk Clothing.

Vinny Ritu Aggarwal shared her vision with eloquence, stating, “Starstruck transcends being just a competition; it is a cultural movement that celebrates self-love and confidence. Our goal is to create a platform where everyone can flourish, free from bias. The response from both candidates and sponsors has been overwhelmingly positive. Our upcoming events will expand into even greater horizons and broader spectrums.”

“Inspirational and achievers in their own field are the three judges namely Jash Bahl, well-known Bollywood actor, India’s own millionaire mentor Darshan Somaiya and the youngest Dada Saheb Phalke awardee  fashion designer Zeel Agarwal” she added.

The Title sponsors of the event, Rachna Tatad, Co-founder of Ainakwala, added, “This initiative is about empowering individuals and fostering a supportive community. We are proud to be part of this transformative journey.”

The event is managed by Dahyskrr and curated and marketed by Anantdekho Solutions.

“Behind every great woman … is another great woman,” says Ritu Aggarwal, a prominent socialite from Ahmedabad and mother of Vinny Ritu Aggarwal. She is renowned for her exceptional networking skills. Speaking to BILKULONLINE, Ritu expressed her joy and pride, stating, “We have finally arrived at a list of 16 participants who will be facing the final rounds. It is a ‘dream come true’ for us. I am especially thrilled for the homemakers and women who registered and participated with us. They have embodied Aristotle’s saying, ‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom,’ proving it true. I see them gaining the wings of recognition and the desire to soar high.”

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