83rd Biannual Meeting of Ahmedabad Language Committee at IIMA

‘Ankur’ Magazine Release, Retired Employee Felicitations, and 2023-24 Language Policy Awards Announced


Ahmedabad, June 27: The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) hosted the 83rd biannual meeting of the Ahmedabad City Official Language Implementation Committee on its campus today. Shri Yeshwant U. Chavan, Chairman of the Committee and Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax – Gujarat, Ahmedabad presided over the meeting in the presence of Professor Bharat Bhaskar, Director, IIMA; Shri Bhuvnesh Kulshreshtha, Official Language Officer and Principal Commissioner of Income Tax, Ahmedabad; Shri Ramvilas Singh Rathore, Member Secretary of the Committee and Assistant Director (Official Language), Ahmedabad.  

Delivering the welcome address, Professor Bharat Bhasker, Director, IIMA, said, “Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad has been making significant contributions in a wide range of management research and training activities, which also extend to areas related to social issues. Just as IIMA is touching new heights in the field of management education, we are also fulfilling our responsibilities in the field of official language implementation. Our Institute is fully committed to the implementation of official language and we will continue to work with full dedication in promoting official language Hindi in future as well.”

Delivering the presidential address, Yeshwant U. Chavan, Chairman of the Committee and Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax – Gujarat, Ahmedabad, said, “We need to make more efforts to promote the use of Hindi in our offices. For many of us, Hindi is not a mother tongue, but if we make wholehearted efforts, not just because we have been asked to do it, it can blend in our day-to-day work and conversations naturally.” He also shared a couple of anecdotes about how non-native speakers, including him, gained a grip on the official language with sincere efforts.

Besides deliberations on various activities and events for the Ahmedabad city chapter of the committee, the meeting also included the release of its magazine ‘Ankur’ and the felicitation of retired employees of the Official Language Cadre. During the event, IIMA was awarded a Rajbhasha shield for its outstanding implementation of the official language policy for the year 2023-24.

About 100 Heads of various offices/institutions and Official Language Officers and dignitaries from all member offices participated in the meeting.