July – 1 : Commemoration of Vasant-Rajab Martyrdom Day

Unity Champions of Communal Harmony Remembered


Ahmedabad, July 1: Today, July 1, marks the Martyrdom Day of Vasantrao Hegishte and Rajabali Lakhani, the sacrificial heroes of communal unity.

In 1946, Seva Dal activists Vasantrao Hegishte, a Hindu, and Rajabali Lakhani, a Muslim, were martyred together at Khandni Street, Jamalpur, Ahmedabad, in their efforts to quell communal riots. Their sacrifice is commemorated every year with dignity and respect by the Secular Democratic Movement (MSD) at the memorial site of the martyrs.

The keynote address was delivered by Prakashbhai Shah, Convener of Secular Democratic Andolan (MSD) and a noted journalist. The event also featured the performance of Communal Ekhlas songs by  Jayeshbhai Patel and colleagues, enhancing the spirit of unity and harmony.

Participants in the program wore badges bearing photos of Vasant-Rajab, honoring their memory. The program was moderated by  Meenakshiben Joshi, ensuring the event proceeded smoothly and respectfully.

The annual commemoration serves as a reminder of the enduring spirit of communal unity and the sacrifices made by Vasant-Rajab for peace and harmony in society.