NID Finalists Compete in Global Terra Carta Design Lab

Ten NID Finalists Compete in Global Terra Carta Design Lab, Showcasing Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Future
Ahmedabad, July 3: The National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad is pleased to announce its top 10 finalists in the global Terra Carta Design Lab competition. The NID finalists’ work showcases a wide breadth of innovations and solutions to help address the climate and biodiversity crisis such as: 
  1. Statement Denim is an emerging denim brand that rescues and repurposes post-production denim waste to create affordable fashion.
    Team: Sakshi Kumari (Apparel Design)
  2. Aabhaa aims to address gender disparity, inform decision-making, and champion environmental conservation through a holistic approach to menstrual well-being.
    Team: Devashree Jadeja, Khushboo Verma (Furniture and Interior Design)
  3. Eco-Terra aims to make the construction industry more circular and energy-efficient by using recycled terracotta and rice husk ash.
    Team: Shubhashree Ingale (Ceramic and Glass Design)
  4. FiberMatters is a material consultancy specialising in linking waste materials from one industry to applications in another.
    Team:  Amogh Jadav (Product Design)
  5. GlassYard transforms waste glass into valuable resources through upcycling, thus leveraging its potential to build circularity and livelihood opportunities.
    Team:  Nehmat Mongia (Ceramic and Glass Design)
  6. Poop Loop transforms human waste into protein-rich additives for bioproducts, to decentralize waste processing.
    Team: Joseph Francis, Javed Ali, Krishna Gilda (Product Design)
  7. provides a network for service providers and consumers of the building industry, tackles the issue of construction debris.
    Team: Arundathi Rajan, Pooja Bhide (Exhibition Design)
  8. SiRCLE is service project that aims to build a centralised recycling facility for solar panels, for high-value material recovery. 
    Team: Yatin Seth (Product Design)
  9. Plant Museum is a digital platform that aims to reshape the climate change narrative by grounding it in the local context.
    Team:  Harshi Lal (Exhibition Design)  
  10. Wild Watch is an innovative design solution aimed at reducing wildlife-vehicle collisions.
    Team: Chinmay Karan (Information Design), Tanmay Karan (Digital Game Design), Dharshini Vaishnav (Universal Design)
In the next stage, two winners will be chosen through a Global Jury led by Sir Jony Ive, Chancellor of The Royal College of Art, and Jennifer Jordan-Saifi, Sustainable Markets Initiative CEO and will be announced in September this year. They will receive funding and mentorship to scale their projects to be taken to the market.