Prepare your hair before styling it

By Puja Gupta



Preparing hair a great look is challenging. In all the excitement of looking your best, one loses grasp of reality and tends to go over the top, which can be unappealing.

Agnes Chen, Technical Head, Streax Professional, lists down some tips to keep in mind while prepping your hair for a special occasion.

Remember the Basics

Oiling- Massage oil into hair and scalp and leave it on overnight. Oiling moisturises and nourishes hair, reducing frizz and irritation in the scalp. Your hair requires intensive care before you address concerns like coarseness, fineness, dandruff, dry scalp, excessive frizz should not ado you.

Shampoo and Conditioner- After oiling, cleansing is necessary to remove all oil, dirt and sweat from hair and scalp. Beyond all the obvious reasons, shampoo is mandatory because it adds more volume, gorgeous shine, and extra moisture. Keep a note in your mind of applying the shampoo only with the added benefit of the fragrance that is as good as your favourite perfume. Conditioner plays a vital role in smoothing and detangling the hair, reducing breakage and split ends. Don’t forget to nourish your hair with the help of serum.

Hair Spa- Deep conditioning is one of the enormous benefits of hair spa treatment. It gives an effective remedy, making hair quite soft, glossy, and shiny. If your hair is in terrible shape, go for a hair spa that will bring life back to your hair. It gets the best out of your colour and adds an incredible amount of shine and gloss to your hair. It is also a calming therapy session. For a great bounce, nothing will help you more than a hair spa. It makes your hair strands look far healthier. So, when you are really in the mood where you cannot understand what to do or need a little pampering, a hair spa can be the best thing for both your hair and your mood.

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