Age the Japanese way

Japanese women never seem to age, with their beauty rituals and anti-ageing skincare products, it seems as if they have discovered the secret to youthful-looking skin. In Japan, if you walk down the streets of Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka or Nagoya, beauty and wellness is very popular.

Global Beauty Secrets, draws inspiration from age-old beauty rituals, artefacts and ingredients from Japan. Recreated these by sourcing the very best from Japan and India, the brand worked closely with Kyoto-based Junko Sophie Kakizaki, who is a master of Ikebana flower arranging and tea ceremony. She is also an expert on Kimono culture and helped the brand emphasize a deeper, more personal and even spiritual level of Japanese beauty. Her insights were instrumental in helping to differentiate the products from large commercial brands. With a clear focus on curating products with organic and high-performance ingredients, the range is made using local processes inspired by Japanese culture.

Age the Japanese way .(photo;IANSLIFE)

Aishwarya Sawarna Nir, Founder of Global Beauty Secrets says, “Through this range, I wanted to create products that fully encapsulated the Japanese Beauty culture. It was important that we stay true and honest to our inspiration, right from the ingredients in the products to the packaging. Hence, I reached out to Kyoto-based artist and preserver of Kimono culture, Junko Sophie Kakizaki, who comes from a lineage of Samurai warriors. Her work and passion as an artist along with being an ambassador of Japanese culture resonated perfectly with me making sure we received maximum insight as we created a niche offering for our consumers. Depicting the wisdom of traditional methods of Japanese beauty with modern formulations for our Global Beauty Secrets customers.”

Junko Sophie Kakizaki, Kimono Culture Expert and Master of Ikebana and Chayou

adds, “When Aishwarya reached out to me I immediately felt a sense of sisterhood with her. The opportunity of getting to know Aishwarya was accidental, yet it seems like destiny. As I got to know more about her brand — Global Beauty Secrets — and her vision to revive and simplify ancient beauty rituals, I realized we share the same love and sense of mission for beauty and aesthetics. We believe that beauty is the supreme manifestation of our feminine spirits which becomes deeper with time and cultivation. So, when Aishwarya suggested to me that we create together a series called “Kyoto Beauty Secrets”, I was simply delighted. This was the beginning of our very enjoyable and exciting journey together.”

Global Beauty Secrets — Tashinami Box — Products

Beni Lip Nourishing Seed

Beni seeds come from the herbaceous, thistle-like safflower. The red pigment extracted from the Beni seeds has floated into the magical folklore of the geisha who used it to illuminate their complexion.

Net Vol: 15G | MRP: Rs 550

Tsukihime Silk Puff

Made from vintage kimonos, with silk strands finer than human hair, the natural Tsukihime silk puff gently lifts dirt and refreshes your skin.

Net Vol: | MRP: Rs 650

Tsubaki Face Oil —

Camellia oil blend is an incredible blend of high-performance ingredients. Japanese women would use a Miyabi or boxwood comb, dip it in camellia oil and comb her hair till it resembled a sheet of silk. A wonderfully indulgent, multitasking Tsubaki or camellia oil composition that’s moisturizing and supports glowing skin and lustrous hair. Enriched with oleic acid that’s similar in composition to skin sebum, it penetrates into the deepest layers and calms dry, flaky and inflamed skin and scalp. This nourishing oil composition hydrates your skin and hair. It is rich in Saponin, an anti-bacterial, acne-fighting ingredient. It contains high levels of fatty acids, which protect the skin barrier from water loss and the damaging effects of UV rays.

Net Vol: 20 ML | MRP: Rs 2200