Make your social media platform aesthetically appealling

By Mehar Gulati
New Delhi, Oct 18: Social media platforms differ in functioning and appearance. Hence, it is really important to make sure that their aesthetics are in place so that one can attract more leads, increase sales, and broadcast the message in the right manner to the target audience. To ensure that your social media page is in the correct format and order, this guide can help you:

Draw Inspiration

Every social media platform can weave a different story depending on the aesthetic you want to present. So make sure that you draw inspiration for your brand from the right sources and for the relevant social media platform. Pinterest and Instagram are more image-driven while content on Twitter is all about crisp tweets. Similarly, Facebook is all about combining trendy content with featured posts and stories. So, make sure that you use all the trending platform-specific updates and features to draw and implement your inspiration.

Create Content

Conceptualize a board for yourself and start pinning content you like. It may include photos, videos, GIFS, carousels etc, that reflect your brand aesthetic and help you weave the story you want to portray in the right format. If you decide to use a template, make sure to pick one that fits your vision, sensibility, and covers your competitive strategy. Also, pay attention to the description, content and information of the products you are considering to feature.

Produce and Post

While planning content may sound difficult, producing content can be even more tedious. Ensure that you use original social media templates, unique formats, and different fonts. Get innovative with design, and feature content on your page with precision and perfection. You can shoot content, use Photoshop, try templates, or maybe combine free images from the internet to feature what you like.

Set the timeline

Create a timeline to help you remember when you want to post, or when you want to have your content finished. A timeline is like a calendar for your content. You can create a simple timeline in your notes or phone calendar to stay on top of things. This will ensure that you know what to post and when so that you don’t get lost amid the chunk of content. Also, do keep a tab on trending and topical posts, events or updates so that you can integrate them into your social media content to feature an aesthetic that you love!

(Mehar Gulati, Founder, Scarlet Relations, has managed the outreach strategies of multiple brands working with over 20 clients like Martin Katz, Venessa Kandiyoti, Atelier VM, 111 Harley Street, Glossier, Cartier, Three Floorand many more during her time at different agencies for 3 years)