Skincare tips for new mothers and their babies

New Delhi, Oct 18: When you become a mother, you tend to forget about your own needs because you are so focused on your child. With the baby keeping you busy all day and night, your skincare takes a backseat.

It’s not always changes in skin texture and looks post-pregnancy are a bad thing, but not taking care of your skin may lead to acne, melasma, stretch marks, puffy eyes, and even dark circles.

Syed Nazim, Dermatologist, Aesthetic and Hair Transplant Surgeon, Royal Lush Skin Clinic Saket, New Delhi, shares simple and easy tips for you to follow, to get a glowing post-pregnancy.

* Cleansing: As you sleep, your skin goes through a renewal cycle, by dispensing toxins and debris. So you only need a light-textured cleanser to wash your face with a face wash that is suitable for your skin type.

* Steam: Take steam for 2-3 days a week, it will help you to open up your clogged pores.

* Scrub & face pack: Use a face scrub, to remove the dead skin cells, scrub your face for like 5 minutes and wash it with normal tap water. It will help you to make your skin softer and radiant, leave the mask until it dries off.

* Toner & moisturizer: Apply toner to your face, look for clarifying toners that rebalance your pH to maintain the pH value of your skin. In the end, you only have to moisturize your face, to give hydration.

* Steal baby products: Baby products are always mild in nature so that the baby’s sensitive skin doesn’t have to compromise. They are created to lock moisture in babies skin. So, you can also use them. Whether it’s a body oil, lotion or cream, apply some on your skin every time you’re applying them on your baby. If you do this, you can flaunt your skin, this way, you don’t have to dedicate a specific time every day for your skincare.

* Keep all skincare needs in one place: Organize all your skincare products in one place, this organization will help you way much better than anything. Make use of your “me time” and devote it properly to pamper yourself.

* Streaming your routine: Make a proper timetable, for your week how many days you are going to deep cleanse your skin in a week.

If we talk about the baby skincare routine this is important too. As the baby’s skin is too sensitive and they are interacting with such a harsh environment — pollution, high temperature etc.

Don’t worry there are some simple and easy enough tips. Here, what you should know, with regards to bath, diapering, selecting items and that’s just the beginning.

* Bath time: Babies need two to three baths a week in warm, not hot water to stay clean. The initial step to an extraordinary child shower is to track down the ideal temperature. Tip: Fill the bath without any more than 2 to 3 creeps of water. To keep your child from getting cold while you wash them, routinely pour cupfuls of water over their shoulders.

* Diaper Basics: There are a lot of things you’ll have to do for your little one when they’re an infant, like changing your baby’s diaper regularly, cleaning tenderly however completely each time with child wipes. Make the surface saturated yet dry simultaneously as well. There are countless myths around diaper rashes that it is caused because of the usage of diapers. But no, it is due to a lack of attention and knowledge about the correct time to change the diaper. Else it will get worse for your child.

* Awareness of Products: Always read the product label before purchasing products for your infant. It’s ideal to avoid chemical and alcohol-based products. Use products that are made explicitly for infants.

Newborn babies are so delicate, requiring a lot of care and attention. A single mistake or slip of mind can make things worse. Keep your infant’s skin saturated, as well, so consistently have a stockpile of moisturizers around. But excessive oil can cause cradle caps, and dryness can create painful scenarios. If your child is facing such issues you need to consult a certified dermatologist.