A platform for Kutch artisans

A platform for Kutch artisans.(photo:IANSLIFE)

New Delhi, Dec 10: Local artisans in Kutch now have a platform to promote and sell their most authentic works on a newly launched e-commerce platform.

Kutchi Bazaar sells one-of-a-kind handcrafted products made with love by local artisans. They organise a craft fair to introduce the Kutch culture’s festive atmosphere into the lives of clients. The platform offers indigenous products that are entwined with folklore and mythology from Kutch culture.

Ajrakh block painting, Bandhani printing, Bhujodi weaving, Rogan art, leather art, and wood carving, among other crafts, are available, indicating Kutch’s prominence as a thriving location of crafts. The firm employs skilled artisans from Kutch, either directly or indirectly, to provide the most authentic crafts and prolific artists from Kutch’s soil to the rest of the globe.

“We are extremely happy to have developed a platform to promote Kutch handicrafts and art on a national and worldwide scale. For our clients, we select the most unique and local crafts, which tell compelling stories and are a reflection of intangible Kutchi tradition. Purchasing from Kutchi Bazaar would provide buyers with the satisfaction of supporting the artists with the respect and value they deserve. It not only allows people to earn a living, but it also raises awareness about the need to conserve and exercise their hereditary abilities, “said Juned Khatri, Co-Founder and CEO of Kutchi Bazaar.

The e-commerce platform provides a venue for local craftsmen to sell their items directly to buyers all over the world. Within a year, the company realised that several traditional art forms, such as Ajrakh and Bandhani, need more attention from art enthusiasts or they would perish with the passage of time. Genuine Bandhani, Banarasi, Bhujodi, and Ajrakh sarees, dupattas, stoles, suit pieces, and other items are available on Kutchibazaar.com.

All of these items are handcrafted by top artisans and painters, and they are all fairly priced. Its goal is to develop itself as one of the most authentic and original traditional saree platforms in India’s INR 38,000 crore sari business.

‘In the post-Covid-19 period, we looked at innovative measures to improve market opportunities and empower Kutch artisans and handloom weavers who had lost their jobs due to the epidemic.” “Through Kutchi Bazaar, we provide these businesses with the necessary support, and we intend to continue reaching out to more local artists and handicrafts in the Kutch region in the future to assist them in reaping the benefits of e-commerce,” said Sufiyan Khatri, Co-Founder of Kutchi Bazaar and Master of Ajrakh Hand Block printing.

The site has a large selection of lovely, timeless handmade products. The aroma of Kutchi soil and the artists’ devotion are inscribed on the craft’s textures and patterns. The brand strives to bring the most unique and creative products to market, showcasing Kutchi artists’ exceptional craftsmanship. The company has a one-of-a-kind and regional craft that conveys amazing stories and embodies intangible Kutchi culture.