5 activities kids can indulge in as curfew kicks in

By Olivia Sarkar

New Delhi, Jan 16 : The transition from half-day school to having to sit at home all day has had an impact on children’s capacity to participate in physical activities and do things that are not limited to their mobile phones. With the arrival of the new variation, schools have reopened and online sessions have resumed.

There are many activities that a child can indulge into without having to step out of their home. And yes, these activities have got nothing to do with technological gadgets. We have curated a list of activities that a kid needs to try out:

Skoodle Clay Art:

Clay art is one of the most engaging ways for your child to express his or her creativity. The Skoodle Clay Star Scented Clay Pack helps your youngster recognise different colours as well as shape, size, and texture differences. It comes in 12 colours: white, yellow, orange, red, Ruby, pink, light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, Purple, and black, and is made up of four moulds and one multicolor roller. This skoodle clay star scented clay set is suitable for children aged 3 and up. It’s gluten-free and contains elements that aren’t harmful to children’s health.

Monopoly Deal Card Game

The monopoly card is a terrific source of fun for adults as well as youngsters. This is a family-friendly card game that takes about 15 minutes to play. It’s a fantastic deck of cards with excellent quality. Property cards, rent cards, house and hotel cards, and wild property cards are among the 110 cards included. Players can use action cards to accomplish things like charge rent and negotiate shady agreements. Rent values are increased by using house and hotel cards. Players establish property sets using wild property cards, and they pay their debts with money cards. To win, be the first player to gather three complete sets of property cards in different colours.

Reading a personalized book

The personalised book The Tingling Finger by Merlinwand is a great way for kids to spend their weekend. The book is about discovering the world of magic and observing as objects everywhere shrink and expand, written by Dr. John SLight and illustrated by Srinidhi Srinivasan. The most intriguing aspect of the novel is that the reader gets to choose the protagonist’s name and appearance. They also have the option of choosing one of three themes: birthday party, zoo, or school.
5 activities kids can indulge in as curfew kicks in .(photo:IANSLIFE)5 activities kids can indulge in as curfew kicks in .(photo:IANSLIFE)5 activities kids can indulge in as curfew kicks in .(photo:IANSLIFE)
Attending a fun fest virtually:

Extramarks, India’s most trusted ed-tech giant, is all set to organize for the first time ever a two-day learning and recreational festival, ‘Extramarks (EM) Weekender’. In its bid to celebrate learning through Education, Entertainment, and Inspiration, the virtual event is being designed to be a rich and immersive experience for students, parents, and educators from the comfort of their homes. Based on the company’s unique approach that extends beyond traditional learning structures like classrooms and books, Extramarks first annual edition of ‘EM Weekender’ will make this fest extra special by hosting various live sessions in the form of virtual talks and workshops led by renowned storytellers, inspirational achievers, and impact creators across domains such as nutrition, mental health, parenting, creativity, photography, music, entrepreneurship, public speaking and many more. Extramarks will create an immersive virtual experience and host an impressive line-up of noted impact creators, storytellers and some inspiring achievers live from 15 to 16 January 2022 (12-4 PM).