Brand Magic: A book that captures the art and science of 10 iconic brands from Gujarat

Authored by Prof. Alan D’souza and Dr. Prashant Pareek, the book shows how marketing communications played a significant role in the brands’ journey


Ahmedabad, Feb 27: Ever wondered what goes into the making of a brand, and how a simple brand becomes an iconic brand? If the answer is yes, then the book “Brand Magic – The Art and Science of creating successful brands” is a must-read for you. As the title suggests, the book is all about the art and science of creating successful brands.

Authored by Prof. Alan D’souza and Dr. Prashant Pareek, the extensively researched and curated book traces the origin and history of ten iconic brands from Gujarat such as Amul, Fogg, and Symphony, and shows how the brands created a leadership position for themselves in the Indian, and in some cases globally.

“Branding is not only an art but also a science. We have captured the story of 10 iconic brands from Gujarat that merged science into art. These brands used textbook strategies to become the successful brands they are today. The book showcases how marketing communications played a significant role in taking these brands from state-level to national and international levels and gives insights into what went into creating these iconic brands,” said Prof Alan D’souza.

The other brands the book covers are Astral Pipes, Waghbakri Tea, Balaji Wafers, Havmor, Jio, Rasna, and Sugar Free, each of them well-established and successful brands. The authors initially surveyed all leading brands in Gujarat, of which the ten were shortlisted for being chronicled in the first phase, while the others would be taken up in the next phase.

“From being just products, each of the 10 brands we have covered has become successful brands. Each brand tells its own story, and what makes the stories relevant is that all of them continue to hold premium positions and continue to grow. There is a lot to learn from their stories, and we are confident the book will be an interesting collection for budding entrepreneurs, academicians, communications professionals, students, and many more,” said Dr. Prashant Pareek.

Brand Magic was released at the hands of Prof. Errol D’souza, Director, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) at Ahmedabad Management Association on Saturday, February 26. The book has been published by MI-Press, MICA -The School of Ideas.