Google to bring Emoji reactions to Docs

San Fransisco, April 7:

Google Docs is getting support for emoji reactions that will allow users to respond to the text with a simple symbol rather than a fully written comment.

It said the new emoji reactions feature provides a less formal alternative to comments to express your opinions about document content.

“Emoji set is updated to the latest version (Emoji 14.0), reflecting the latest emoji set with options to accurately reflect your identity,” the company said in a blog post.

It also said it is bringing gender-neutral options for gender-modifiable emojis.

The company also said that there is no admin control for this feature. This feature will be ‘on’ by default and can not be disabled by the user.

To access reactions in Docs, users can hover over any message or an existing anchor and click on the “Add reaction” icon.

Additionally, emoji preferences are shared with Google Chat, so any preferences set in one app will be reflected in the other. Both apps can be used to update emoji preferences via the picker.