Marengo CIMS Hospital launches Advanced Hemodialysis unit with first ‘door to dialysis’ facility

Marengo CIMS moving towards becoming a “Centre of Excellence”

The new unit would infuse new hope in patients with kidney disease a timely top class treatment and care:

Dr Keyur Parikh, Chairman – Marengo CIMS 

  • With kidney failure cases rising, it has become very urgent to cater to patients requiring dialysis with advanced technologies
  • The healthcare facility celebrated the success of kidney transplants by inviting patients to an interactive get-together
  • The hospital has witnessed more than 45000 dialysis at the hospital and has conducted 54 kidney transplants to date. 


By Rafat Quadri

Ahmedabad, April 18:  Marengo CIMS Hospital is known for introducing many ‘firsts’ in its style of treatment and systems of care.

This time they have announced first of its kind ‘Door to Dialysis’ concept in Gujarat at Marengo CIMS hospital where the authorities truly claim that the car or vehicle with the patient parked is hardly a metre away from the dialysis  unit.

“Objective of introducing this facility is to enable utmost relief and pain-free entry of the ailing patient into the dialysis centre. We are going to provide a television set with for each patient and cosy comfortable ambience while he/she is going through the dialysis process along with refreshments. We want to introduce more and more facilities for the patients with modern and latest medically advanced techniques and experts rendering them at Marengo CIMS” explained Dr Keyur Parikh, Chairman – Marengo CIMS.

Dr Parikh said “We are recognized as a preferred destination for Organ Transplants, All Cardiac interventions, Cancer, Neurological and Orthopedic interventions. The past decade has tracked the fast emergence of newer technologies that can lead to major breakthroughs. These technologies are poised to become increasingly available and accessible to patient data at lower costs, making treatment increasingly affordable. With fast-recognized symptoms of kidney health, correct diagnosis, and available technologies, CKD has emerged as a fast-addressed medical condition today. We continue to do good work to save more and more lives and keep the trust and confidence in our patients our utmost responsibility.” 

Marengo CIMS Hospital launched an advanced dialysis unit for new hope and a new journey into optimized treatment options to treat patients with kidney diseases. The advanced Hemodialysis unit will function under the expert guidance of Dr Siddharth Mavani, Director, Nephrology and Kidney Transplant, Marengo CIMS Hospital, Dr. Mayur Patil, Consultant Nephrologist, Marengo CIMS Hospital, Nephrologist & Transplant physicians Dr Pankaj Shah and Dr Rechal Shah.

With a move to strengthen the existing facility for the care of kidney failure patients, the hospital has come up with a new, bigger, and better Hemodialysis unit on the premises of the healthcare facility. The hospital has witnessed more than 45000 dialysis at the hospital and has conducted 54 kidney transplants to date. The new center is a hospital-based unit with 12 dialysis stations and is equipped with the latest dialysis machines and RO plant. The hospital offers the round-the-clock availability of a dedicated and skilled team of nephrologists, dialysis technicians, dialysis nurses, renal dieticians, and social workers for the seamless functioning of the unit.

Dr Mohan Rajapurkar, nephrologist of repute and highly experienced expert inaugurated the new unit of dialysis at Marengo CIMS today in Ahmedabad.

Dr Rajapurkar after inspecting the new dialysis unit of Marengo CIMS observed that it was a quite a good place where people can get all kinds of dialysis. He also said that “kidney is the only organ which can be substituted but for the patient there is a need to have a good ambience and a strong social and financial support. He wondered that still we lacked facts and figures about national and state wise details of a) survival on dialysis of the patients and 2) quality of life of dialysis patients. It goes without saying that state was contributing quite a decent support but such figures and subsequent research work on it makes things better for the society.”

  Patient Bharatbhai Patel is the first patient who has been taking treatment at the new dialysis unit

On this occasion, Dr Raajiv Singhal, Group CEO & MD explained how the efforts are being made to make the Marengo CIMS a ‘Centre of Excellence’ and how the clinical science’s progress was being made to bring a difference in the treatment spectrum. 

Dr Siddharth Mavani, Director, Nephrology and Kidney Transplant, Marengo CIMS Hospital says, “With this advanced dialysis unit we are equipped to expand the scope of services in Renal care. The services we offer are Hemodialysis, Maintenance HD, Dialysis in critically ill ICU patients- SLED (sustained low-efficiency dialysis), SCUF (slow continuous ultrafiltration), CRRT (continuous renal replacement therapy), Dialysis in poisoning cases, Peritoneal dialysis and Plasmapheresis.  Our goal is to combine medical expertise and modern equipment to provide comprehensive kidney care services for patients with end-stage kidney disease.” 

Dr. Mayur Patil, Consultant Nephrologist, Marengo CIMS Hospital says, “Chronic kidney diseases (CKD) causes people to lose their kidney function over time. Studies reveal that nearly 12 million Indians are affected by CKD or end-stage kidney failure every year. This condition requires a kidney transplant or regular dialysis treatment for a lifetime for the patient. Dialysis, also known as an artificial kidney, functions as regular kidneys by cleansing the blood by removing waste and excess water. The demand for dialysis is increasing rapidly because of increasing numbers of unregulated diabetes and hypertension, as well as increased awareness of CKD and treatment options.” 

The global dialysis population is growing rapidly, especially in low-income and middle-income countries; however, worldwide, a substantial number of people lack access to kidney replacement therapy, and millions of people die of kidney failure each year, often without supportive care. Patients on dialysis continue to bear a high burden of disease, shortened life expectancy, and report a high symptom burden and a low health-related quality of life. Patients, payors, regulators, and health-care systems increasingly demand improved value in dialysis care, which can only come about through true patient-centred innovation. Recent advances in biomedical research and novel technologies have created opportunities to study kidney disease in a variety of platforms, applied to human populations. Artificial wearable kidneys, Xeno transplant which is extracting a kidney from animals, and transplantation in humans also form components of a brighter future in kidney care.

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