BK Parekh, Parkinson’s Disease & Movement Disorder Society ‘celebrates’ the World Parkinson’s Day


By Rafat Quadri

Ahmedabad, April 11: The European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA) and the World Health Organization established World Parkinson’s Day on April 11th, 1997. April 11th is the birthday of Dr. James Parkinson. He is the first physician to recognize Parkinson’s as a medical condition.

BK Parekh, Parkinson’s Disease & Movement Disorder Society (BKPPDMDS) of Ahmedabad also celebrated the World Parkinson’s Day.

Dr Dhvani Parikh of the BKPPDMDS has been instrumental in organising a beautiful cultural programme with the patients and involving thier family members to motivate them and accompany. In a hall of Gujarat Sahitya Parishad in Ahmedabad, the programme was very much inspiring and interesting. Dr. Parikh insists that with proper treatment and regular exercises the patients who are vey much healthy in their mind can live a life with dignity and self respect.

On this occasion, Dr Maria Baretto, CEO PDMDS remained present with Dr. Narendra Barad DNB Neurology, Dr. Shalin Shah DM Neurology, Dr. Ravi Soni DM Generiatric Psychiatrist.

While answering the queries of BILKULONLINE, Dr Maria Barretto explained that “The Parkinson disease is a chronic neurological disorder which once diagnosed in a person stays with him for life but with early diagnosis and treatment its impact could be controlled. However, people usually do not understand its early symptoms and due to which approach the doctors only after they start getting tremors.”

Dr Maria said that presently 60 centres are run by the PDMS spread over the country who are working towards the cause of Parkinson patients.


         (Top: Dr Maria Baretto, CEO PDMDS Bottom:  Dr. Narendra Barad DNB Neurology)

Dr Maria emphasised that although researches are on abroad towards the reasoning and controlling of Parkinson but there was a dire need of awareness that is needed in our country. The newer form of ‘Young Onset Parkinson’ is also being observed to be hitting the younger aged people from the age of 30, 35 and so on. Earlier, it was mainly found present in over 60 years of age of people.”

There is 1 (one)  per cent of world population of 60 and over years of age which is hit with Parkinson disease but real data about the same is still not available in our country.

On this occasion Dr. Narendra Barad DNB Neurology also explained the scenario of Parkinson disease prevailing in Gujarat patients which is on rise and is also found among the age group of 40 and 45 years also. Dr Narendra said the severity seems more among the women. He said there was a dire need to undertake research work in this area of disease as to what could be the causes and preventions to be taken as well as the treatment. By educating and making the people aware about the disease and how to deal with it, half the battle is achieved” observed Dr Narendra.

Shyamal – Saumil – Aarti Munshi helped organising an impressive function wherein the Parkinson disease patients presented cultural programme to mark the Day. Doctors said the patients were only hit by slow motion disease or disorder but their brains and mind were perfectly alive and active.