Denji Motors enters the world of EVs with its two New and Exquisite Scooters at the Vibrant Gujarat Summit

At its pre-launch Denji Motors Founder Devang Bhatia, and Co-founders Hitarth Suthar and Sajid Memon receive warm welcome from dealers and prospective buyers

Two Electric Scooter Models BH150 & Mark with 3 segments of each, Wholly Made in India, has a long life LFB & Safe Battery in Attractive colors are outstanding in performance

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By Rafat Quadri

Ahmedabad, Jan 12: The future of electric scooters in India is pledging, with statistics indicating an upward trajectory. Reports project significant growth, with the emerging electric scooter market set to surge, encompassing a notable portion of overall vehicle sales by 2025.

Denji Motors of Gujarat enters the world of EVs (electric vehicles), with its two New and Exquisite Scooters offering three (3) variants of each introduced itself to the world at its grand pre-launch at the on-going Vibrant Gujarat Summit, Gandhinagar.

Vibrant Gujarat Summit has a large number of stalls set up at the exhibition center by many new and visionary companies and brands. Taking this in their stride Denji Motor’s Founder Devang Bhatia, Co-founders Hitarth Suthar and Sajid Memon introduced their start-up of electric scooters before the world. With their back ground of engineering and extensive research and survey the trio have manufactured the scooters. Interestingly, they are getting a wide acceptance at the Summit.

Devang Bhatia, Founder of Denji Motors, while providing information about the features of this model with BILKULONLINE said that “Our scooters have a long life LFB battery which does not get damaged quickly. Apart from this, 3 years or 60000 km warranty is also given by us.  It gives an average cost of 13 paise per km. It has a speed of 65 kmph and can carry a load of up to 200 kg.”

“The specialty of this model is that it is completely a ‘Made in India’ product realising the vision of the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Every component and spare part of the vehicle is also made in India. The battery charges in just 1.5 hours and can run up to 160 km on a single charge”.

Denji Motors is all set to enter the sales market within next three months’ time. Presently at its pre-launch the company has displayed its two models namely BH150 & Mark with 3 segments of each at the Summit. Soon, it is going to introduce another model with new features.

Denji Motors is located at Nana Chiloda and its plant is at Kadi. It has already started its journey of associating with dealers at Patan and Anand. In its expansion plan company is planning to cater to the market of Ahmedabad, then the other cities of Gujarat and pan India subsequently.

Interested dealers and prospective buyers can visit Denji Motors’ website for more details and booking of the vehicle.

Hitarth Suthar, the co-founder of Denji Motors says “It all started when we three buddies (Devang, Hitarth and Sajid) decided to buy electric vehicles for our commuting to the college. But we were not satisfied with the available EVs in the market. The ones which were good were over- priced while the cheaper ones were poor in quality and other issues. Thus, Denji Motors (derived from Japanese word Denji meaning electromagnetic) was born and was incorporated in September 2022 as a private limited company.

Sajid Memon, the co-founder of Denji Motors insists that “We do not want to compromise on quality of our vehicles. We have been undertaking extensive R &D and innovation is the mantra with our company hence the buyers will be pleased and happy to buy and ride our vehicles.  Available in attractive colours, created with care and concern on all its mechanics using worthy techniques, priced suitably our scooters are meant for all adults across the society”.

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