A Free Pair For All

New Delhi, Oct 8:  As a brand well known for its loyal global fanbase, Crocs, is gearing up to celebrate 20 years of fandom during the most wonderful time of the year, Croctober. A beautifully diverse tapestry of one-of-a-kinds from every corner of the world – this milestone moment will deliver the biggest and boldest fan-fueled experience yet with a month of surprise activations.

Festivities officially kick off in a big way on October 3rd, with the launch of a “Free Pair For All” shoe giveaway. ‘Tag a friend, win a pair’ and every day for the first week of Croctober, the brand will give away hundreds of pairs of shoes each day inviting all fans, ranging from OGs to newbies, to join in on the celebrations.

From there, the brand will continue to treat Croc Nation to surprise giveaways and exclusive products. New product launches and noteworthy collaboration releases will further commemorate the brand’s 20-year milestone in an authentically Crocs way.

Momentum will continue all the way up to Croc Day, which would mark the commencement of the celebrations, wherein a unique engagement activity for the fans is being planned. The day will also witness the launch of an intriguing AV feature, capturing the exhilaration & jubilation of fans receiving surprising packages from the brand.

Croctober is a moment to recognize Crocs fans around the country who are the driving force behind the brand’s success. It all started on October 23rd in 2017 with what was originally known as National Crocodile Day, when Crocs fans saw an opportunity to turn it into a celebration of their favorite shoe brand.