Does India order its groceries online?

New Delhi, Dec 31: Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai order groceries equaling the population of South Korea, to a single user spending over 16.6 lakhs on groceries, Swiggy Instamart reveals the grocery trends of 2022:

What did the groceries say to each other when they found out Milk was the second most ordered item on Instamart? How Dairy you!

Instamart delivered over 4.38 crore packets of milk in 2022

Here is a fact no one is ready for – the most ordered dish during the India-Pakistan World Cup match was.. wait for it ….. MILK! Seriously?

What did they do with so much milk you ask?

Chai Chai Chai, Kaapi, Kaapi – the number of times you hear that on a train probably still does not beat the increase in orders for tea leaves and coffee powder on Instamart. In the last year, Swiggy Instamart witnessed a 305.55 per cent growth in orders for tea and 273.67 per cent for coffee.

Mera Sabzi wala

Users ordered over 50 lakh kilograms of organic fruits and vegetables with the healthiest eaters hailing from Bangalore, Mumbai Hyderabad, Pune and Delhi.

Aloo leelo, Kanda leelo – The vegetable market came home pronto with Swiggy Instamart. Onions, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Watermelons, Bananas and Tender Coconut were the most ordered Fruit & Vegetables.

Exotic fruits such as Dragon Fruit, Pomelo, Berries, Wood Apple found love too with over 17 lakh kilograms of exotic fruit being sold.

Double Kudos to the record setters

While Bangalore turned to quick commerce grocery the most in 2022, a user from Gurgaon ordered the most – a whopping 1,542 times in 11 months! his go-to items? instant noodles and full-fat milk

Oreo you are ready for this fact? – The quickest order Instamart delivered was a pack of Oreo Biscuits. It was delivered in 1 minute to a customer in Bangalore who was just 50 meters away!

Our superstar Delivery Executive of the year hails from Mumbai, with a total of 7,868 Instamart deliveries. #HustIingIsMyHobby

A single user from Bangalore spend over 16.6 lakhs buying groceries and essentials on Instamart

More than 50 users spent over 2 lakhs on groceries in a single month

Instamart’s Wishing Well –

We love how much you count on Instamart for your needs but to the

5,981 users who searched for petrol

8,810 users who searched for underwear

7,271 users who searched for mommy

5,256 users who searched for beds

21,691 users who searched for pillows

20,653 who searched for sofas on Instamart

..umm maybe next year?

And last, to the 55,000 users who searched for Swiggy and Instamart on Instamart! – you’re always on our minds too!

While you know how India Swiggy’d, read to find out how India party’d

Non-alcoholic beers were high on the popularity charts when India played Pakistan in the T20 matches, growing at over 86 per cent in demand on match day – once again Cricket trumps as the main ‘high’ of the day!

Bangalore might have the coolest weather, but it still ordered more ice cubes than Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi combined

Our T20 World Cup win against Pakistan set India up for a double Diwali dhamaka with orders for rangoli powder and stencils growing to over 5,000 per cent and over 12,000 per cent respectively on that one day alone – now howzat!