Jain Sadhvi Sewak with life threatening injuries gets a new life after Marengo CIMS hospital treatment

Dr Pranav Shah and team of Doctors of CIMS performed complicated surgeries on

Daxaben Dasadiya successfully 

Marengo CIMS hospital is a fast-emerging healthcare provider with highest levels of clinical excellence


Ahmedabad, Feb 17: Doctors at Marengo CIMS Hospital have once again proved the highest level of clinical excellence they extend to their patients.

This time the case was of Daxaben Dasadiya, 52, who happens to be an assistant to a Jain Sadhvi. As part of her main duty she has to move the wheel chair of Sadhvi as they move places. On the fateful day,  the sewak met with a deadly accident on the road and was brought to the hospital in a near-dead condition. It was a hit-and-run case where she was thrown in the air at a distance of approximately 22 feet and sustained severe multiple injuries. There was very little hope of her survival.

Dr Pranav Shah, Director Orthopedics Trauma & Hip Surgeries treated the patient back to life. He was assisted by Dr Sandip Shah, Neurosurgeon, Dr Vatsal Kothari, Plastic Surgeon. The Orthopedics team included Dr Hardik Padhiyar, and Dr Kanishk Sharma. The patient was also treated by the physiotherapy team with Dr Shivani, Dr Bhavin and Dr Pratik.

Describing her fragile condition of the day Dr Pranav Shah Director Orthopedics Trauma & Hip Surgeries said “ she was severely critical, her pulse rate was diminished, blood pressure was extremely low and she was in a comatic stage. The most critical injuries were fractures on both thigh bones and multiple fractures in the pelvis. This led to profuse internal bleeding and early severe shock. Her right shoulder had multi-fragmented fractures along with associated multiple chest and Left arm with shoulder fractures. Additionally, she suffered severe multiple trauma to all 4 limbs – long bones fractured and multiple fractures in pelvis as well as spine, head injury and chest injury”.

Dr Shah added, “On admission the patient came with altered consciousness, severe acidosis (pH 7, paO2 = oxygen saturation less than 40%) and very little hope for survival. Our team of doctors aggressively resuscitated in emergency room with massive blood and products transfusion and early stabilisation of fractures by damage control surgery to control bleeding. Subsequently”.

Daxaben underwent a marathon treatment process that included seven major surgeries, all orthopedic fracture fixations were performed by Dr Pranav Shah and his team. She stayed about 16 days in ICU on ventilator.

“Her spine, brain and chest injuries were managed through non-surgical optimal medical management by respective super specialists. Week by week progress from being bedridden on ventilator to being mobilized on the wheelchair, the patient is finally fit to be discharged from the hospital” added Dr Sandip Shah.

Dr Keyur Parikh, Chairman Marengo CIMS Hospital pointed out that  “our hospital is equipped with the highest level of clinical excellence to treat every patient who walks in for medical treatment. This case was very challenging for the team of doctors, given the multiple injuries, the deranged vitals and the patient’s comatic stage she was brought in. Our doctors came together to ensure they put in their best to bring this patient from the very brink of death to a victorious outcome. We are more empowered with the success of this case and will continue doing the good work.”

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