Data of 6 lakh HDFC Bank customers’ exposed, bank denies

New Delhi, March 7 : After reports surfaced that personal information of nearly 6 lakh customers of HDFC Bank was allegedly leaked on the Dark Web, the bank said on Tuesday there has been no data leak of its customers.

According to Privacy Affairs website, the HDFC Bank customers’ samples were posted on the hacker forum and “the posted data appears to be genuine”.

HDFC Bank Cares Twitter handle on Tuesday posted that “there is no data leak at HDFC Bank and our systems have not been breached or accessed in any unauthorised manner”.

“We remain confident of our systems. However we treat the matter of our customers data security with utmost seriousness and we continue to,” said the bank.

Data allegedly includes full names, email addresses, physical addresses, and sensitive financial data, the report mentioned.

Cyber-criminals allegedly posted the data for sale on a popular hacker forum.

The criminals provided data samples while demanding money for the full database.

“The criminals explained that the hack was allegedly obtained just recently, in early March 2023, and contains data from May 2022 to March 2023,” said the report.

Several Twitter users on March 6 posted about facing outages, failed transfers and even scam messages on the official HDFC Bank mobile app.

There has been a surge in spam bank text messages in the recent past.