BizTreez Networking & Business Community growing with enterprises from across Gujarat

“Kurukshetra-23” organised to  mark events to motivate the community through interest events on the theme of IPL


By Rafat Quadri

Ahmedabad, April 16: Holding hands of one another to take baby steps into the business is an essential and important for the new start-ups and small business entrepreneurs and professionals.

This dire need was deeply sensed by young professional Riddhi  Raval during Covid-19 days when the supply chains were effected badly and there was need to connect with people to help each other get the essential supplies of food and medicines.

Riddhi with her strong corporate marketing background decided to come to the help of small entrepreneurs, start-up owners and young and elderly who were all doing businesses and needed support from among the society members. Thus the BizTreez was born in Ahmedabad in 2021.

Providing details about what the BizTreez is all about,  its founder and CEO Riddhi Raval said “We are a business group – BizTreez, where different business owners, freelancers, start- ups and many more individuals who want to grow their business have formed a community. Ideology is to generate business through referrals. As you know References are important part of business, the group will aim to generate leads by increasing network. This is an interesting opportunity to grow your business through one another within the community and eventually enrolling more members.  Every member will be a face cum promoter of his/her brand. We are selecting trusted business owners. You can also refer any entrepreneur/business you know, who might be interested.”

Riddhi informed that presently they have 500 members under the BizTreez which includes 47 women. There are nine mentors who are following up, supporting and coordinating with members under 4 (four) chapters. On Saturday they organised an ‘auction’ of the members by the captains and mentors of different chapters. The theme was conducted in IPL format and hence ‘auction’ to divide members.

Biztreez is already making its presence felt across Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara and Rajkot cities. At a time when the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry is not very popularly helpful for the new start-ups and small entrepreneurs, such initiatives play a vital role in the society.

The active members with maximum referrals to their credit receive awards and get felicitated by the group at a function. This year it is being held on 27th May.

At a function organised on Saturday saw 14 ‘Shark Tank Sponsers’ and 17 team captains took efforts under the programme theme ‘Kurukshtra’ to enrol members in their chapter.

Mentors included Pinky Joshi, Hardik Soni, Naimesh Thakor, Bhavin Thakkar, Dishita Parekh and others. Members from four cities of Gujarat are catering to different businesses and shared their experiences with each other and connected for a better understanding and demand about their referrals and products. Manufacturers are still lacking as the list of members of BizTrees but the mentors are confident of getting them soon under the tree.

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