A single Indian firm facing 2,146 cyber attacks a week on average: Report

New Delhi, July 17: A single Indian organisation suffered 2,146 cyber attacks on average per week in the last 6 months, compared to 1,239 attacks per organisation globally, a report showed on Monday.

Healthcare (4,839), followed by education and research (3,532), government/military (3,017), and insurance/legal (2,523) became the most attacked industries in India, according to Check Point’s ‘Threat Intelligence Report 2023’.

Globally, the second quarter (Q2) 2023 saw an 8 per cent surge in global weekly cyberattacks.

The education and research sector experienced highest number of attacks per week and Africa and APAC faced the highest annual increase in weekly attacks per organisation, the report noted.  

“While the disruptive impact of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict on the cyber landscape has relatively reduced in recent months, the threat landscape has returned to a state of ‘normality.’ This new normal is characterized by an increase in cyberattacks,” the report mentioned.

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Despite the waning effect of the conflict on the cyber threat landscape, the persistence of these threats highlights the ongoing need for heightened vigilance and robust cybersecurity measures to counteract the relentless and evolving nature of cyberattacks, it added.

In addition, cybercriminals continue to leverage the latest AI revolution, by stretching the borders of generative AI chat platforms such as ChatGPT4.

In Q2, one out of every 44 organisations worldwide experienced a ransomware attack, representing a decrease of 9 per cent compared to Q2 2022. 
APAC and Europe saw significant year-over-year increase in ransomware attacks per organisation, with 29 per cent and 21 per cent increase, respectively, said the report.