Reliance continues to expand patents portfolio

New Delhi, Aug 6 : Reliance filed 171 patent applications during FY23, out of which 141 patents were granted.

Both these numbers were better than last year. Reliance had filed 152 patent applications during FY22 out of which 123 Patents were granted.

Reliance spent over Rs 3,001 crore in FY23 towards R&D. This was 15 per cent higher than the R&D spending of Rs 2,608 crore in FY22.

During the reporting year, RIL filed a total of 48 patent applications and was granted 100 patents. Till March 31, 2023, a total of 2,344 patents were filed by RIL and 1,035 patents were granted to RIL, mentioned the annual report.

In the Digital Services business too, Reliance continued to file multiple patents. “Total count of patent applications filed worldwide is 1,120. Among the key areas covered by these patents are 5G and 6G technologies, and Distributed Ledger Technology,” mentioned the annual report.

For Jio alone the year was great success in terms of new patents. “In FY 2022-23, Jio’s strong team of technology professionals filed for 123 patents and was granted 41 patents, taking the total count of patents granted to 177 till March 31, 2023. These span across network, consumer and enterprise technology,” mentioned the annual report

Some of the examples of patents Reliance received include Jio-bp received Patent for inhouse developed HDPE packed container for on-demand doorstep delivery of diesel, successful commissioning done for RIL’s patented Continuous Catalytic Pyrolysis Oil technology demo plant, RIL’s R&D team has patented a sorbent-based circulating fluidised bed process for concentrating CO2 from dilute flue gases emitted by refineries and power plants.

Reliance has a robust internal Intellectual Property (IP) governance framework that ensures that these patents are in close alignment with the organisation’s business objectives.