Mitra Education Institute moves to new location – adds more value adding courses for students

PM Modi’s Message towards Women Empowerment inspires me : Vachika Shelat, Director Mitra Education Institute


By Rafat Quadri

Ahmedabad, Aug 26: Vachika Shelat a double post graduate with an HR Diplomais the Director of  Mitra Education Institute.

The Mitra Education Institute’s new premises at 7th floor, 703, Sun Gravitas, Shyamal Char Rasta, Ahmedabad  was inaugurated today. Its director Vachika and her team of professional faculty are determined  to provide consistent, high quality and appropriate academic advising, monitoring, mentoring, nurturing & coaching to ensure academic and personal success.

She has been instrumental in realising the dreams of many young girls and women who found them stranded or confused at the crucial turn of her life. Some of them were educated and yet had no clue as to what they should do now. While, others were aspiring to go abroad and study further or work there.

Vachika says “For past 15 years this has been my passion as well as profession to enhance the skill set of the students coming to my Institute. I have tried to equip them with necessary skills and aptitude that they lacked in order to further their future prospects in studies and job.”

She was quietly observing as a child her mother Sona Trivedi executing her duties efficiently and sincerely as a teacher. Vachika says it got imprinted on her mind to do similarly as a profession and with passion. So, she first equipped herself with education and gained mastery over communication and counselling skills. 


While inaugurating the new office, Vibrant Woman Entrepreneur and Founder Director of Mitra Education Institute, Vachika Shelat shared, “Mentoring has been my childhood hobby, I have always loved playing the teacher role as a child. Taking this soft skill forward in my career I have learned to imbibe skills ranging from modern & contemporary education like social media, digital marketing to even the traditional knowledge such as mathematics, languages, painting, paper craft and much more.”

“Verbal communication along with proficiency over languages like Gujarati, English and Hindi along with experience of managing a shopping Mall marketing activities, hosting live shows, organizing corporate and entertainment events makes me a confident professional to take the lead in such tasks” adds Vachika whose name itself means a communicator, speaker.

With the G20 leadership responsibilities now assigned to our great nation, I feel that it’s time for the Women Entrepreneurs to come forward. I also feel that it’s time for our Girl Child to explore limitless career opportunities. As a strong believer that women in our society are the change catalyst gives me a booster dose to work harder in mentoring them. My key interest areas are mentoring women in skill development. Woman empowerment is the buzz word for today and shall stay for generations to come. My emotional intelligence aids me at different levels of output and performance,” added  Vachika.

On this occasion the  Mitra Education Institute also announced the relaunch of its courses in the field of Aviation, Culinary Art, Acting, Dancing, SPA Management, Beautician, Modelling, Spoken English, Personality Development & Grooming along with the Management Courses like MBA/BBA with assurance of 100% guaranteed placement opportunities in the Corporate World and Industries.

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