UOW Australia & NSE Academy unveil book on Corporate Finance

Adam Gilchrist rings the ceremonial bell

The Book was A collaborative effort between UOW academics and NSE Academy staff.  Originally an Australian book, it is now a global edition covering the principles of valuing and trading of shares in UAE, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia


Gandhinagar, Sept 22: The University of Wollongong (UOW) Australia, in collaboration with the NSE Academy launched their new book titled “Introduction to Corporate Finance (sixth edition)” at the National Stock Exchange (NSE) in Mumbai. The book, authored by first year lecturers at UOW campuses in Hong Kong and Dubai, is poised to become a seminal work in understanding the complexities and nuances of the corporate finance landscape.

The book was launched by MD & CEO, NSE Ashishkumar Chauhan, UOW’s Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Patricia M. Davidson, Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor Alex Frino, and Global Brand Ambassador Adam Gilchrist. The book includes a chapter which details how shares are traded on the National Stock Exchange. 

The book launch took place on the heels of UOW unveiling its India identity at GIFT City, Gujarat, on September 18 (Monday). The University is on track to being one of the first foreign universities to have a teaching base in India, and to hand out Australian degrees to Indian students.

The event at NSE featured a discussion by Chauhan and Frino on the intriguing subject of the ‘Future of Equities Markets in India’. The highly anticipated talk provided a comprehensive overview of the evolving trends, the formidable challenges, and the abundant opportunities that shape India’s dynamic equities markets landscape.

“India has made significant strides in maintaining a regulatory environment that is investor-friendly, a key factor in attracting more foreign investment into our vibrant markets. The ongoing reforms and initiatives, including the establishment of the GIFT City as a financial hub and IFSCA (GIFT City regulator), exemplify our commitment to nurturing global partnerships and welcoming foreign institutions, such as the University of Wollongong, to have a physical presence in India. It is an exciting time for India, and we are dedicated to embracing innovation, facilitating market integration with the global arena, and ensuring a prosperous future for both our domestic and international stakeholders,” said Ashishkumar Chauhan, MD & CEO, NSE.

“India’s remarkable rise in fintech and technological advancements in recent years, coupled with the surge in digital consumption, presents an ideal environment for international businesses to thrive. UOW’s physical presence in India signifies more than just a strategic move; it represents our commitment to fostering deeper research engagements with our Indian partners, resulting in impactful global outcomes. Our presence in India allows us to provide world-class education, nurturing India’s young population and contributing to their holistic development. It also aligns with our vision to expand our international footprint, strengthening our global network and creating a bridge for knowledge exchange,” added Professor Frino from UOW.

On the occasion of the book launch, UOW Global Brand Ambassador and cricketing legend Adam Gilchrist interacted with the delegation from NSE and key Australian government officials and rang the ceremonial bell, signifying stronger Australia – India relations in trade, research and education partnerships.

The University, which has a strong global presence, has been successfully operating campuses in Australia, Dubai, Malaysia and Hong Kong. It will commence its India operations in 2024 with a Graduate Certificate in Computing and a Masters in Computing (Data Analytics), followed by other undergraduate programs. UOW already has close ties with over 30 Indian universities for research and educational collaborations in the areas of software development, advanced medicine solutions, molecular and life sciences, advanced manufacturing, cybersecurity and mining technologies.