ONGC Revolutionizes Water Management in North Gujarat

New Delhi, Oct 26: In response to the pressing issue of water scarcity in North Gujarat, Energy Maharatna ONGC has successfully executed a groundbreaking project to make potable water from waste water released by its Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP).

This successful pilot not only ensures the availability of clean water for industrial and agricultural purposes but also marks a significant milestone in the preservation of vital water resources in the water-starved region.

With water scarcity emerging as a growing concern in North Gujarat, ONGC made this commendable effort to turn the tide in favor of the local community. The ONGC facility at the North Santhal (NS) ETP is now capable of producing an impressive 500 cubic meters of treated water per day, equivalent to five lakh liters, suitable for consumption.

This project is part of ONGC’s commitment to ensure the prosperity of the region and preserving its natural resources. The Maharatna has undertaken a total of five such facilities on a pilot basis, with the NS ETP facility being the first to be commissioned.

ONGC is taking proactive steps to ensure that the benefits of this initiative reach the grassroots level, enhancing lives and conserving precious water resources in the water-parched North Gujarat.