Hemalraj Transforms MSME entrepreneurs into successful businessmen

Stop giving reasons – start working, have clarity of Thoughts & Objectives, be Focused and keep Upgrading your Knowledge and Skills: Hemalraj 

More than 5,000 enerpreneurs have been trained by Helmalraj in his 15 years successful journey of Transformation Traning Sessions 


By Rafat Quadri 

Ahmedabad. Dec 10:  He is a positive and inspirational figure, self-motivated and successful transformer of young entrepreneurs. Meet Hemalraj- a young MBA (from Ahmedabad and London) who has helped over 5000 entrepreneurs and start-up ambitious young people of Gujarat. He conducts training and follows up them upto one year alongwith their newly started business journey.

In the year 2024, renowned corporate trainer, scale up business transformation coach and visionary founder and promoter of HR Reengineers Limited Hemalraj decided to extend and expand his reach to all those who are willing to get his expertise to set up their business as an entrepreneur.

Hemalraj has organized a specialized training program which he imparts to the desirous candidates through online and offline programmes specially designed by him. He has framed 12 hours crash course and a one year course.  Biz treez social community members as well as of entrepreneurs from Mehsana and Ahmedabad have broadly been benefitted by Hemalraj’s training skills.  Speaking to BILKULONLINE Hemalraj said “It is with an objective of planning exponential growth in personal life and professional business of MSME entrepreneurs of Gujarat”. 

Transformation Training Sessions were organized in the morning and afternoon on 9th December,2023,  at FTV Cafe & Restro located at Zydus Hospital Road where more than 150 entrepreneurs from the Biz Treez business community along with SME sector entrepreneurs from Mehsana and Ahmedabad benefited from Hemalraj’s highly energetic and focused speeches. Due to an overwhelming response received to this training module, 2 sessions had to be organized on the same day.

Young and dynamic transformational coach –  Hemalraj who is the visionary founder and promoter of HR Re Engineers Limited, said, “Gujaratis are always passionate about business, but now business has become more complex and competition has become global. Even if you are a master in many subjects you have to be a jack in many other aspects of business. You have to take opinions of experts and consultants for ensuring tremendous growth in business.” 

Hemalraj further added that, “To be successful in your business you have to learn to delegate work, understand the do’s and don’ts of business, choose the top 10 business ideas for success, learn to get and give maximum business to your community and network to create an aura of credibility and trust around your brand. These are my success mantras for the business entrepreneurs of Atmanirbhar Bharat for the coming year 2024.”

With his understanding of the challenges of the SME industry, Hemalraj has developed a unique business model with practical logic that helps in business growth of the SME sector, and provides practical solutions for even complex issues in the manufacturing sector. Hemal aims to change the way the SME industry works by implementing business growth and practical solution practices and processes.

Hemalraj was a passionate genius throughout his education for which he was even awarded a gold medal in the university. He specializes in HR, Marketing and IT. Having completed his MBA from the Indian Institute of Planning and Management, Hemalraj has 15 years of experience in the fields of HR and entrepreneurship. He has worked as an HR strategist with multinational companies. His core competency is designing customized HR and business solutions. He is also a prominent face of the world’s best networking forums.

Hemalraj insists that the best formula to become a good businessman or an employee is same. Start working and stop reasoning. With clarity of mind, the decision making of choosing an area of work or business and starting working on it is easier. One must grow and groom on daily basis even after they successfully start it. IF one want to continue working as an employee he or she should do it but with full sincerity. They should take it as their work where the employer has invested in business and he or she has to invest his time and talent.  For fempreneurs Hemalraj says “Stop reasoning and Just Do It!”

One thing Hemalraj says must be kept in mind that both money and happiness must go hand in hand. IF you earn loads and happiness is lost then it is all meaningless. So do as much as you can and are capable of. Just don’t chase after dreams which are a part of the greed.  Affiliated with prominent men and women business communities as director and trainer Hemalraj wants more and more people of Gujarat to become businessmen with ethics, focus, clear objective and proper up gradation of self-skill and product/service related training and knowledge.

Allocation of finance, recruitment of right type and adequate number of staff is another important key in running a business. It should not be started for just pomp and show-off, but, with full sincerity and commitment and should ultimately result into the positive contribution and upliftment of self, family, community and the nation building !

Think of contacting HR Reengineers Limited when you want to take the important decision of life for right guidance, training and proper hand-holding !

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