Google Classroom allows teachers to add interactive Qs to YouTube videos

New Delhi, Dec 13 : Google has launched a new feature for its Classroom service, which has over 150 million users, that allows teachers to turn any YouTube video into an interactive assignment.

Educators can now turn any YouTube video into an interactive lesson by adding questions for their students to answer throughout the video.

“The interactive questions feature turns a passive watching experience into an engaging one, and improves students’ understanding of a subject by providing them with the space to make mistakes, review incorrect answers and assess correct answers at their own pace,” Google said in a statement.

Once students within a class have completed the video activity, educators will have access to a dashboard of key insights based on student engagement levels.

While interactive YouTube video assignments will be beneficial to students, it will also help educators identify concepts that need more instruction time, discover students who may need extra support and also shape future lesson plans, said the company.

Educators are also able to scale individualised support since students will get real-time validation as they answer certain question types in the video activities.

The feature is available to Education Plus and the Teaching and Learning Upgrade users.

The feature is being fully rolled out in the next three days. The tool can be enabled by administrators through the admin console.

The interactive questions feature has been available in beta since March.