Redefining Fashion


New Delhi, Dec 21: Indian homegrown fashion labels are forging ahead, seamlessly blending tradition, innovation, and sustainability. They adeptly encapsulate millennial preferences and the surging interest in streetwear while staying attuned to global trends. In this league, five standout brands directly challenge international fashion powerhouses.

These local brands present a direct challenge by showcasing unique styles, ethical methods, and individual brand personas. While international brands focus on fast fashion, these Indian labels establish their niche through craftsmanship, streetwear designs, affordability, and a deep rapport with their audience. They symbolise an emerging wave of native talent that competes directly with international giants while remaining steadfast in their heritage and principles.

The Bear House

The Bear House leads the charge; the brand serves as a symbol of clean and sleek aesthetics, meeting the contemporary man’s craving for sophisticated urban attire. They recognize that personal style varies for each person, prompting ‘The Bear House’ to provide an extensive array of designs and color schemes to cater to diverse preferences.


If you are looking for an edgy yet elegant, Snitch is a brand to go for. The brand primarily focuses on contemporary and street- inspired fashion bringing a fresh perspective to clothing. Their attention grabbing designs make it easier to create statement looks. The brand offers a variety of bold patterns and prints which could be mixed and matched to create a balanced outfit. While Snitch is Known for its streetwear influence their products can also be incorporated into smart casual outfits

Rare Rabbit

Rare Rabbit reigns supreme when it comes to timeless classics with a twist. Their contemporary designs bring out a sophisticated yet refined touch of fashion. The brand offers various options that are perfect for both formal and casual occasions. Wardrobe staples like classic white shirts, a well fitted pair of trousers and a classic blazer is a must have to start with as these classics can help create a wide range of outfits. The brand ensures quality and attention to detail making it one of the most loved brands.


FabIndia seamlessly blends traditional Indian techniques with contemporary designs, celebrating the country’s cultural richness. With a global presence, it competes by offering a unique taste of Indian culture to an international audience.

Wrogn by Virat Kohli

Wrogn, endorsed by a popular celebrity, captures the essence of youth with its casual yet trendy clothing line. Leveraging celebrity influence, it has successfully connected with a young demographic seeking relatable and fashionable attire.