Sintex Rings in the New Year with Uplifting Film Celebrating the Power of Health and Family


Ahmedabad, Jan 1: As the world steps into 2024, leading manufacturer of water storage solutions Sintex, a Welspun World company invites viewers to reflect on the true meaning of a fresh start with their heartwarming new film. Titled “Take a Healthy Resolution with Sintex” and penned by Campen Factory, the film takes us on a journey of personal and collective commitment to prioritizing health and happiness in the coming year. The film follows a unique way of storytelling through shadow art which makes it stand out and delivers the message.
Moving away from extravagant resolutions, the film focuses on a promise close to the heart – safeguarding the health and hygiene of ourselves and our loved ones. It subtly underscores the role of Sintex Pure water tanks in fulfilling this promise, offering a practical and effective solution for storing and keeping water germ-free.
Through poignant visuals and a touching narrative, the film paints a relatable picture of family life, where every shared smile, every burst of laughter, and every moment of warmth stems from a foundation of well-being. It is a gentle reminder that the most extraordinary resolutions often lie in the simple acts of care and dedication.
Water is much more than just a liquid. It is the lifeblood of homes, the foundation of good health, and the bedrock of strong communities. This film beautifully captures Sintex’s commitment to providing families with the tools they need to safeguard their well-being, one pure drop at a time.
The film concludes with a powerful message: “No grand wishes, just the commitment to a happier tomorrow. Because in every drop, there’s care, love, and a resolution fulfilled.” It is an invitation to viewers to join Sintex in making a conscious choice towards health and hygiene, not just for the New Year, but for every day forward.
  • Sintex is a leading manufacturer of water storage solutions, offering a wide range of tanks for domestic, industrial, and agricultural applications. In March 2023, Welspun Group, a diversified conglomerate with a strong presence in textiles, steel, line pipes, and flooring solutions, acquired Sintex BAPL, a leading manufacturer of water storage tanks and other plastic products.
Sintex’s commitment to innovation and quality has made them a trusted brand for over five decades, helping families across India experience the benefits of safe and clean water.