Aris Infra simplifies procurement system from construction industry

This comes as a blessing – in an industry beset by unreliable supply chains


Ahmedabad, Jan 3:  Aris Infra, a cutting-edge technology platform aimed at simplifying construction processes by revolutionising procurement and purchase in the building and construction industry, was rolled out nationally from Ahmedabad on Wednesday.

In an industry beset by unreliable supply chains, Aris Infra’s innovative platform offers a one-stop solution for sourcing and purchasing construction materials, including steel, cement, aggregates, and concrete. By streamlining the procurement process, stakeholders can expect a significant reduction in turnaround time of up to 70%, resulting in substantial time and cost savings.

“Aris Infra was born with the simple idea that ‘Construction is tough, but procurement does not have to be’. We converted a business problem into an AI and data science solution. Our groundbreaking technology and unique platform enable the industry to put the material ordering process on autopilot and do away with the hassles involved. The response from our industry partners has been remarkable and we are thrilled to roll out our operations nationally,” said Ronak Morbia & Bhavik Khara, Co-Founders, Aris Infra.

Jaxay Shah, Founder & CMD, Savvy Group, and Co-promoter, Aris Infra, remarked, “Construction technology is evolving, but no other company has attempted what Aris has created with its one-stop digital platform to simplify construction. Such a platform is also the need of the hour considering the speed at which the construction sector is growing in India. The potential is immense and I have full confidence that Aris Infra will be successful in reinventing the industry with its Live RFQ platform that has reduced time from RFQ to PO in 7 minutes vs standard 15 days.”

Aris Infra’s mission is to digitise the entire supply chain within the construction industry, starting with revolutionising how building materials are ordered, by harnessing the power of technology. The platform provides a materials marketplace, granting users easy access to a comprehensive range of building materials. In a short span of three years, it has impacted over 2,000 projects, moved six million tonnes of materials and achieved revenue of more than Rs. 1,600 crore.

Aris Infra aims to become India’s largest infra-tech platform and rebuild the construction industry through technological innovation. The platform also enables customers to avail on-platform credit. Aris Infra works with several leading banking partners, thereby helping them access formal credit and manage their cash flow.

Srinivasan Gopalan, Co-Founder of Aris Infra, said, “The national rollout of Aris Infra marks a momentous occasion in our journey. We have not only demonstrated success but have done so while being profitable. Aris Infra is not just a proof of concept, but a live company built frugally and making a profit. We are confident that with the national rollout, we will be able to make a significant impact in transforming the Indian construction industry.”

With more than 1,000 live projects and catering to 400+ truckloads of materials every day, Aris Infra is truly revolutionising procurement and purchase for the construction industry.