DRS Arts Co presents ‘Sampada’ showcasing Sujata Achrekar’s beautiful paintings

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Ahmedabad, Jan 3: Mumbai based contemporary artist Sujata Achrekar who is well-known for her original paintings of faces—particularly the faces of ‘Brahmin Brahmacharis is Ahmedabad with her unique and beautiful paintings. She is on her first visit to Ahmedabad on the invitation of the DRS Art  company at their art Gallery. Sujata has named her show as ‘Sampada’ (wealth).

‘Sampada’ promises to transcend boundaries and captivate the senses, running from January 3, 2024, to February 3, 2024, featuring an eclectic collection that reflects the diverse and innovative spirit of the arts.

Contemporary Indian artist Sujata Achrekar is well-known for her original paintings of faces—particularly the faces of ‘Brahmin Brahmacharis’ .

Her works capture the myriad moods and lives of the working class. Her subjects are often taken from Hindu philosophy and mythology, like the Brahmin boys. Achrekar is a Mumbai-based artist whose compelling canvasses reel you in with their hypnotic faces and magnetic colours. She chooses to use acrylic colours on the canvass, for it lasts longer and doesn’t attract fungus in a climate like Mumbai.

Sujata Achrekar portrays the ultimate desire of ‘moksh’ of the human beings. Hence, you find the faces she paints have eyes opened yet closed. She explains it saying that one must look inside and within as much as he/she sees outside. Because, she insists only then can one know oneself and his/her deeds. Spiritual to the core and beautiful to the bounty, Sujata’s paintings are a must to see and own.

The central figures in her works represent individuals with Samyak Gyan (right knowledge) and Samyak Darshan (right view). These pieces, a visual meditation for spiritual journeyers, prompt reflection on our ability to discern what is good (knowledge) from what is not (ignorance). Achrekar beautifully captures the journey within, illustrating our reliance on the divine, yantras, mantras, tantra, devas, and devis to achieve our goals.

Her vibrant works present a colorful drama of strong Indian hues and bold textures, creating a visual extravaganza that enhances lives culturally and visually, bringing home knowledge, purity, culture and an investment for the soul.

Born in 1968, Sujata Achrekar studied art at the L.S. Raheja School of Art, followed by a Diploma in Art Education at the J.J. School of Art, Mumbai. A renowned figure in Indian art, Achrekar has held over 10 solo shows and participated in more than 50 group exhibitions globally. Her works grace collections of serious collectors of Indian modern and contemporary art in India and abroad. She has received the Maharashtra State Award for Portraiture in 1990 and 1992, the Bombay Art Society Award in 1995, and was honored at the NGMA Women Artist Camp in 2005.

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