Gujarat Sahitya Academy organizes grand and divine ‘Ramsabha’

Maithili Thakur will perform Ram Bhajans


By Rafat Quadri

Ahmedabad, Jan 16: Gujarat Sahitya Academy has organized a grand festival of ‘Ramsabha’ to pay homage to Lord ShriRam, on 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th January- 2024. The festival shall be conducted all the days at 6:00 PM at Amphitheatre of Gujarat University.

Admission to this grand and divine program will be free. The program will be presided over  by well-known speaker-writer Bhagyesh Jha and  Chancellor of Gujarat University Dr. Neerja Gupta will be the Chief Guest.

  • In this four-day program, world famous singers Maithili Thakur, Osman Mir, Hardik Dave, Pandit Neeraj Parikh and others will perform Rambhajans. President Award Honored Creator Dr. Vijay Pandya, Dr. Harshadeva Madhav will deliver his thoughts on ‘Rama, the pioneer of Indian civilization’. Arvind Barot will talk about ‘Ram in Lokjivan’ and Tushar Vyas will speak on ‘Ram Raksha Stotra’. Well-known poets Tushar Shukla, Nitin Vadgama and Raksha Shukla will recite poetry. Dr. Mahamatra of Gujarat Sahitya Academy. Jayendrasinh Jadav will coordinate the ‘Ramsabha’ and legendary poet Hardwar Goswami will conduct the sessions. There is a public invitation to all the artists.

It is to be noted that the Gujarat Sahitya Academy is an umbrella organisation of the Gujarat Government towards the promotion of language and culture of the community. Literary activity is an expression of entire Mass awareness for which language play a vital role.

These six Sahitya Academies (Gujarati, Hindi, Sanskrit, Kuctchhi, Sindhi and Urdu) under the Apex body of Gujarat Sahitya Academy are working with a brand approach, so that this activity may be more progressive and purposeful, our literature can reach to the entire community.

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