CIMS Ahmedabad introduces ‘R-TART – Robotic-True Align Joint Replacement Technique’ Surgery

  • First-of-its-kind robotic true align with CUVIS Robot Surgery dedicated to providing exceptional joint replacement care, personalized to meet the unique needs and goals of individual patient
  • The technique is guaranteed to enable freedom of movement with the joint replacement program at Marengo CIMS Hospital


Ahmedabad: Jan 29: Embracing new technological advances in Joint Replacement Surgery in the Department of Orthopedics, Marengo CIMS Hospital launched Robot Assisted and Bio-Sensors backed True Align Knee Replacement Technique and One Day TKR (Total Knee Replacement Surgery) for patients opting for joint replacement surgical procedures. The True Align Technique, developed by Dr Daria Singh, Head of the Department of Orthopedics and Joint Replacement Program focuses on precise limb and prosthesis alignment and has garnered global acclaim for its effectiveness and less invasive nature. Amalgamating the two, it is termed as R-TART (Robotic True Align Joint Replacement Technique) – as both techniques are based on different imaging modalities.

The Joint Replacement Program at Marengo CIMS Hospital has an integrated Robotic System (Cuvis from Meril) with an indigenous, time-tested, and well-established True Align Technique aimed at improving accuracy and precision in alignment, enhancing the outcome of Knee Joint Replacement Surgery. The deployment of biosensors-enabled in-hospital and post-discharge monitoring ensures the safety of patients after the surgery. 

The hospital also offers a comprehensive Joint Replacement Program for joint-related diseases that includes non-invasive medical management, minimally invasive surgeries, and customized rehabilitation plans with global technological advancements. By combining the power of True Align with robotics and implementing the One Day TKR approach, the patients recover faster, experience diminished peri-operative and post-operative pain, improved functionality, and enhanced satisfaction, and can resume work, with a potential longevity of the prosthesis.

Dr Daria Singh, Head of the Department of Orthopedics and Joint Replacement Program says, “Our team consists of highly skilled, vastly experienced, dedicated 24X7 doctors, paramedics, and ancillary services.

As orthopedics surgeons, we embrace the remarkable advancements in joint replacement technology. Today’s joint replacements offer not just renewed mobility, but a return to an active and pain-free lifestyle. The precision of advanced technologies and minimally invasive techniques allows us to tailor solutions to each patient’s unique needs, ensuring not only longevity but an enhanced quality of life. It is truly a testament to the intersection of medical innovation and compassionate care, paving the way for a future where joint replacements are not just procedures but transformative experiences. The Cuvis Robotic Enabled True Align Technique, combined with biosensor monitoring, significantly enhances procedures’ effectiveness and safety. It also plays a  pivotal role in training aspiring surgeons.”

 Dr Keyur Parikh, Chairman, Marengo CIMS Hospital says, “The introduction of the Integrated Robotic System (Cuvis from Meril), features the Indian developed, thoroughly proven True Align Technique. This robotic innovation will empower our expert orthopedic surgeons to conduct intricate procedures with unprecedented precision and versatility, markedly enhancing the outcomes for our patients. This breakthrough extends beyond being a mere addition to Marengo CIMS Hospital; it symbolizes a significant leap toward realizing our dream of providing top-notch healthcare to the people of Gujarat. We are fully prepared to offer healthcare solutions that not only embody the pinnacle of technological advancement but are also imbued with genuine care and understanding. We are enthusiastic about the future and our role in nurturing a healthier tomorrow.”

Gaurav Rekhi, Regional Director, West says, “We have introduced several advanced technologies to strengthen the clinical excellence offered to our patients. Announcing the advanced Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery at Marengo CIMS Hospital is an added feather in our cap. This advanced technology is a step to another level of care and recovery standards our hospital has established.”

Joint replacement as a surgical option for end-stage arthritis is well established now and millions of patients across the world have benefited. India is a country of 1.2 billion people with a significant knee and hip arthritis population. According to a market survey, the number of joint replacement surgeries in India is increasing every year with the estimates for knee arthroplasty numbers in India to be around 2,00,000 in 2020 and hip arthroplasties are set to grow at the highest rate in the world from the period 2020–2026. Approximately 90 to 95 percent of all Total Knee Replacement Surgeries are performed in India, making it a preferred destination for medical value travel.

Dr Parth Parikh, the foot and ankle surgeon of distinction, and Dr Pranav Parikh are both associated with the orthopedic department of the specialised R-TART surgery facility at the CIMS Ahmedabad.